Logitech G Pro X Superlight 2 Review: An Anticipated Upgrade for 2023

In the world of gaming peripherals, Logitech has been a prominent player, consistently pushing the boundaries of innovation. One of the most awaited releases of 2023 has been the Logitech G Pro X Superlight 2, a successor to its already popular predecessor. Check out the various aspects of this gaming mouse, exploring the changes, improvements, and whether it lives up to the hype.


One of the most noticeable changes in the Superlight 2 is its weight. Logitech has managed to shave off a few grams, bringing the weight down from 63 grams to a mere 59 grams. This weight reduction might seem insignificant on paper, but in the hands of a gamer, it can make a noticeable difference. The mouse feels incredibly lightweight, enhancing the overall gaming experience.


The shape of the mouse has undergone slight adjustments, although it’s not likely to be a game-changer for most users. It remains comfortable and familiar, but it might pose some challenges on rougher surfaces. The mouse feet, however, could be improved to compete with other top-tier brands in terms of glide.

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Click Feel

The most significant change in the Superlight 2 is the introduction of optical switches. These switches deliver snappy and tactile clicks, but some users might find them a bit too heavy for their liking, especially for rapid clicking. The OG Superlight’s light and easy-to-actuate clicks had been a highlight, making this change somewhat polarizing.

It’s important to note that click feel is subjective, and some users may find the Superlight 2’s clicks suitable for their gaming style. However, the tactile nature of these switches might not be ideal for those who rely on quick tap firing in games.

Side Buttons

One area where the Superlight 2 shows definite improvement is in the side buttons. They are noticeably more responsive and snappier than those on the previous model. The post-travel, while present, is not likely to be noticeable during gameplay.

Scroll Wheel

The scroll wheel also gets a touch-up, offering a slightly smoother scrolling experience with less tactile feedback. It’s a subtle change but adds to the overall feel of the mouse.

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Hero 2 Sensor

The flagship upgrade in the Superlight 2 is the Hero 2 sensor. With a capability of 2000 Hertz, it ensures precision and responsiveness in your gaming experience. Additionally, you can now control lift-off distance, making it a great choice for those who prefer higher DPI settings. Calibration options are available to match your previous mouse’s DPI settings, ensuring a seamless transition.

In-game performance with the Hero 2 sensor is impressive, providing a smooth and responsive experience. While the difference between 4000 Hertz and 8000 Hertz might not be very noticeable for most users, it’s worth noting that the competition boasts lower click latency.

Battery Life

Battery life has always been a strong point for Logitech’s Superlight series, and the Superlight 2 continues this tradition. It offers a battery life similar to the Razer Viper V2 Pro at 2000 Hertz. Users can extend the battery life slightly by switching to hybrid mode and the light-force switch, although this does come at the expense of increased latency.


The Superlight 2 is priced at $149 in the United States and 169 Euros in Europe, which aligns with the initial launch price of its predecessor in Europe. While it’s reassuring that the price has not significantly increased, it’s still a premium price point.

Is It Worth the Upgrade?

For existing Superlight owners who use the mouse at 1000 Hertz, the Superlight 2 might not offer a compelling reason to upgrade, especially considering the changes in click feel. However, for those who don’t already own the Superlight, the Superlight 2 is a strong contender, especially if the price difference isn’t substantial.

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The Logitech G Pro X Superlight 2 is a highly anticipated gaming mouse that delivers in many aspects. It excels in weight reduction, sensor performance, and battery life. However, the change in click feel may not sit well with all users. Whether it’s the right choice for you depends on your specific gaming preferences and whether you already own its predecessor. Logitech continues to be a trusted brand in the gaming industry, and the Superlight 2 adds another solid option to their lineup.

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