Top 5 Tools to Create Videos with AI from Text

Generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) is transforming the way we conceive and create audiovisual content. Proof of this are the tools that make it possible to create a videos with AI from text, without the need for cameras or actors, a technique that is opening new horizons in terms of creativity and productivity.

Video is essential for companies and content creators who seek to stand out in this visual environment to connect with their audience. According to figures from IAB Spain, 92% of Spanish Internet users already consume online video, with the most notable platforms and social networks for watching online videos: YouTube (91.8%), Facebook (76.7%), Instagram (73. 9%), Netflix (73.2%) and WhatsApp (70.7%).

Video content achieves a more authentic connection than other formats. Although video production and dissemination can be a slow and expensive process, artificial intelligence (AI) is changing this dynamic by simplifying video creation. Never before has it been easier to create video content with the wide variety of AI-based video generators available.

The 5 best video generators with AI from text


This AI tool allows the creation of high-quality videos with avatars and voices generated by artificial intelligence. Producing videos in a matter of minutes is possible with this video AI for different purposes such as advertising, e-commerce, social networks and much more.

How to create an AI video from text using HeyGen?

The process is simple and consists of three steps. First, choose or create your avatar from a wide selection of over 100 AI avatars, or even generate your own. Second, record your voice or choose from over 300 voices available in over 40 languages. Finally, select a pre-designed template from over 300 or start from scratch.

Using HeyGen’s Text to Speech feature, when editing your video you only need to write your script or upload an audio file for HeyGen to transform your text into speech.

You can also start with an article from your blog, for example, which will serve as the basis for the content of your video. As for audio, you can adjust the accent, speed and pitch with a simple controller.

HeyGen offers numerous additional features, such as cloning your own voice in less than two minutes, talking photography, the ability to convert a static image into a dynamic and animated one, or the ScriptGen AI tool, capable of writing quality scripts for your videos.

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Google Lumiere

Google Lumiere is Google’s new AI model. It can animate images and edit videos using commands or text prompts. Other video AI tools, Google Lumiere allows you to improve videos with its generative artificial intelligence.

Google’s AI video generator can. Create videos from text: you simply type the description and Lumiere turns it into reality.

Transform images into videos. Convert static images into dynamic videos.

Generate image-based stylized videos.Use an image as a style reference to create custom videos.

Enhance videos with AI. Allows you to edit sections of existing videos, such as transforming a running woman into a figure of flowers.


Fliki is a platform that allows you to create AI video from text. With more than 800 voices in 75 languages ​​and 100 dialects, it uses text-to-speech engine technology from Google, Microsoft and Amazon to offer a wide selection of voices.

This tool can transform blog articles or scripts into videos. You just need to type the URL of the content or text you want to convert. The platform will summarize your content and add images and music relevant to the topic. Additionally, you can customize the subtitles with your brand’s colors and fonts.

Among the main functions of this AI video generator is the ability to create videos from text in just 4 steps:

  • Start by uploading your text, ideas, blog articles or any script.

  • Customize your voice by choosing yours from more than 2,000 voices in more than 75 languages.

  • Explore the Fliki library and add the assets you need or let the AI ​​video generator do it for you.

  • Review using the preview function and export the videos to the format you need.

In addition, thanks to Fliki, you can also create a voice-over or an avatar with AI, convert a blog or PowerPoint to video or generate videos from Twitter posts, among other features.

Deepbrain AI

Deepbrain AI is an AI video and avatar creation platform and also enables natural text-to-speech conversion. You can choose from more than 100 avatars generated from real people who speak more than 80 languages ​​and represent various ethnicities and ages.

Among the most notable features of this AI video generator, we find the option to create AI videos with ChatGPT. You don’t need to create your own script, the GPT3 built into Deepbrain will create the script for your AI avatar.

It is also capable of transforming URL links into AI videos such as articles, blogs or news or converting PowerPoint files into video presentations with an AI avatar.

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Although Sora is currently only accessible to the company’s researchers, it promises to revolutionize the world of video AI. Developed by ChatGPT and DALL-E creators Open AI, Sora is an AI that generates videos from text.

In the following video you can see how to write text to create videos with AI. Sora is capable of generating complex scenes in which several characters appear, and even allows you to specify the type of movement you want it to perform. You can also detail the environment and Sora will know how to interpret what you say and what things are like in the physical world.