3 Topmost AI Tools in eLearning and Online Education

Modern education has been revolutionized by the incorporation of Artificial Intelligence (AI) which offers personalized learning experiences and innovative instructional methods in elearning. The ability of AI to go through huge amounts of data has made it possible for adaptive learning platforms that can adjust educational content to meet each student’s needs and rate of understanding.

This advancement has not only enhanced online learning environments through real-time feedback provision as well as support but also allowed educators to create more captivating courses where students interact with one another frequently.

Through AI, there is a shift towards inclusive, efficient and accessible learning experiences in the sector of education thus representing a significant milestone in global education systems development.

Transformational Education through Personalized Learning Solutions

Education is transformed when learning is tailored according to individual requirements; this is what AI does best! Advanced algorithms together with machine learning techniques enable artificial intelligence to analyze vast quantities of data like how different students prefer to learn or their performance indicators among other things so as to create customized paths for each person.

For example: In one study conducted at an American high school; adaptive assessment systems powered by algorithms categorized by artificial intelligence were used alongside personalized content recommendations basing on student’s abilities.

Consequently learners were able move at their own paces receiving appropriate interventions whenever necessary while interacting with materials designed around their specific preferences thereby fostering not only better academic results but also inclusivity where every learner feels valued because they are understood.

Including ChatGPT among other AI tools into elearning platforms provides more than just an improvement on the quality of education; it extends education as a means for social good too.

These inventions make knowledge universally accessible breaking down barriers for disadvantaged communities thereby fostering global personalized learning experiences that can adapt themselves based on different educational requirements worldwide.

This underscores how much we should rely upon artificial intelligence technology when striving towards equal opportunities within teaching and learning settings since this will greatly contribute towards societal advancements as well.

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Implementing AI Tools in eLearning; A Hands-on Manual

Educators interested in incorporating AI into their curriculum may start off by getting acquainted with available educational resources and tools that have been created specifically for this purpose. There are many online platforms as well software solutions which offer features powered by artificial intelligence aimed at improving teaching and learning experiences.

For instance, Google’s Teachable Machine or Microsoft’s AI for Education provide easy to use interfaces along with tutorials meant to enlighten teachers on AI basics as well incorporate them into their lesson plans effectively.

In addition, schools can choose to partner with providers who deal in AI technology or even work hand in glove with experts from various fields so as gain more knowledge about latest trends concerning these tools among others too.

This way educators will be able harness necessary support needed during integration process since they would have gained adequate understanding regarding such resources beforehand thus embarking on an informed journey towards successfully infusing AI within their curriculum.

Furthermore, professional growth chances and training schemes centering around AI in education can give teachers the necessary skills and knowledge to exploit AI efficiently inside the classroom.

Establishments such as AI4ALL and the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) conduct workshops, seminars, and accreditations designed particularly for educators who want to include AI in their teaching methods.

These undertakings offer practical learning occurrences, hands-on mentorship, and networking platforms that will enable instructors to stay updated on current AI education developments.

Teachers must invest in their professional growth and keep close ties with other experts involved with artificial intelligence if they want to be ready to tap into every aspect of its potentiality that might enhance students’ outcomes of learning as well as equip future leaders with skills required by digital age challenges.

3 Best Online Education Tools for Artificial Intelligence


For the design of visually engaging presentations, infographics, and reports without much effort online platform is Visme. Its interface is user-friendly and it provides various templates that enable users to create professional visual content even if they do not have advanced design skills.

Whether it’s for business presentation, educational material or social media graphic…

Key Features:

Interactive Presentations: With multimedia elements such as interactive quizzes or embedded videos added into them this can greatly enhance students’ learning experience.

Infographics for Visual Learning: Infographics can be very powerful tools when it comes down to visualization of complex information into more digestible forms.

Visme allows educators creating these kind of infographics which summarize key concepts thus making them easier to understand by students.

eLearning Modules and Courses: Designing complete eLearning modules or courses is possible thanks to versatility of tools offered by Visme.

Texts, images videos along with different interactive elements may be used here so that content delivery remains engaging as well as assessments become interesting for learners.

Data visualization for analytics: Data visualization in e-learning helps present analytics and track progress effectively. Visme has solid data visualization capabilities through which educators can illustrate performance metrics on students or course analytics itself.

Collaboration and Commenting: To encourage interaction among teachers and pupils during project work or assignment completion, there are real-time editing features supported by Visme also instructors may provide timely feedback on student assignments through comments left directly within projects being worked upon using this tool.

Accessibility and sharing: E-learning materials created via visme can be easily shared with students either through email links embedment into LMS etc; all devices supported thereby allowing learners access course content at their convenience from any location worldwide at any given time.

Visme Prices:

Free account: This type gives unlimited project creation ability together with some design resources plus limited number of templates.

Regular support provided will help users navigate the platform towards their creative aims though they might lack enough templates and resources.

Starter Plan: Personal projects usually require more features to be unlocked which is why the starter plan was introduced.

By paying $12.25 billed annually per month individuals are able to access premium assets full templates asset library as well as download their creations into various formats such as jpg png pdf among others.

Pro Plan: Advanced business capabilities always come at a cost so does the Pro plan which goes for $24.75 billed annually every month.

Apart from everything contained in the Starter plan users can enjoy full download options like pptx html5 video gif format just to mention but a few.

Visme for Teams: Visme for Teams were created with collaboration in mind thus it provides rich collaborative tools control feature sets aimed at streamlining workflows enhancing productivity within teams regardless of their size.

Contacting sales will give them access to all features found on Pro plan together with benefits such as custom sub-domain team collaboration etc…

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Elucidat is a powerful eLearning creation tool designed for businesses, helping them create effective and cost-effective training materials.

It is specifically targeted at learning and development teams and offers features that streamline content creation and ensure alignment with organizational goals.

Key Features:

Intuitive authoring interface: Streamlines the eLearning content creation process, making it accessible for instructors of all technological levels to produce engaging materials.

Pre-designed templates: Speeds up course development, allowing educators to focus on content instead of design, improving the learning experience.

Collaboration Tools: Allows teams to work together efficiently on e-learning projects, encouraging a collaborative approach to educational development.

Responsive Design: Ensures that e-learning content is accessible on any device, ensuring a flexible learning environment.

Powerful Analytics: Delivers insights into student engagement and learning outcomes, helping educators refine their teaching strategies.

Localization and translation support: Facilitates the creation of inclusive elearning content that can be easily adapted to diverse global audiences, promoting accessibility and understanding.

Elucidat Prices:

Basic: This plan is best suited for small groups (up to 5 users) as it provides a quick start with no setup required. Users can create their courses, utilize surveys and social polls, personalize content, and include badges and timers for participation.

Team: Designed for growing teams (up to 20 users), includes all basic features plus custom feature creation, a customer success manager, account usage insights, and quarterly business reviews.

Enterprise: For larger organizations (up to 50 users), add advanced support such as user single sign-on to improve security and streamline access.

Scale: Designed for very large teams (up to 100 users), based on the Enterprise plan with automatic translations and an enterprise-level service agreement to support global business needs efficiently.


Docebo is a cloud-based learning management system designed to facilitate scalable e-learning solutions for various organizations. It enables efficient delivery of training programs, tracking of learning outcomes and effective management of digital learning content.

Key Features:

AI-powered learning suggestions: This feature personalizes the learning journey offering students personalized content that matches their learning style and progress which is critical in engaging students in a virtual environment.

Mobile-Friendly Platform: With education increasingly relying on mobile devices, Docebo’s mobile accessibility ensures that learning can happen anytime, anywhere thus making education more flexible and accessible.

Customizable Learning Paths: To cater for the diverse needs of online learners educators are able design courses that meet specific requirements of their students thereby improving effectiveness of online education.

Social Learning Capabilities: By incorporating social learning Docebo creates sense community among remote learners fostering collaboration which is vital in keeping them engaged.

While still replicating interactive aspects associated with traditional brick-and-mortar schooling environments dropout rates also tend decrease when this method used.

Analytics to track progress: Monitoring student progress and engagement using analytics provides teachers with valuable information that can enable them make necessary adjustments their instructional strategies towards achieving better outcomes within online settings.

Docebo prices:

For accurate Docebo pricing, it is recommended to request a quote directly on their website as costs vary depending on the number of active students each month and include a mandatory onboarding fee.

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The Pros and Cons of Visme, Elucidat and Docebo in Online Education

Visme, Elucidat, and Docebo offer a variety of beneficial features for educational purposes, each with their unique strengths and limitations.

Visme is an all-around tool designed to create presentations, infographics, and visual content which makes it perfect for educators seeking to produce engaging learning materials However its focus solely on creating visuals may limit its use towards more comprehensive educational needs like course management or assessment tracking.

On the other hand, Elucidat is designed for elearning and course creation and has many functions that help make interactive course development quicker. Its main advantage is the ability to create responsive elearning content which can be accessed from different devices, thus making it an excellent choice for teachers who want to establish scalable and inclusive learning programs.

Nevertheless powerful these features are though, a person new to this software might find it complicated due to its steep learning curve for those without prior experience in eLearning development.

Docebo excels as a complete Learning Management System (LMS) with support for a wide array of training and learning scenarios ranging from employee onboarding to customer education, partner training among others.

The platform powered by AI provides personalized learning experiences, tools for content creation as well as strong analytics that cater for organizational needs in terms of learning; however their business-focused functionalities alongside pricing structures may hinder accessibility especially among smaller educational establishments or individual teachers seeking cost efficiency in solutions.