What is a Student Information System?

Schools and colleges of this digital era are going digital, the time has gone when schools would operate offline only. Today, schools do their daily tasks both offline and online. And what helps them do their tasks in both ways is technology. One such software technology is the “student information system

In this article, you will get to know what is student information system is and what are its benefits. So if you are a stakeholder of education i.e; teachers, school principals, parents or students. Then this article is for you. So keep reading. 

Student Information System or SIS at its basic is software which stores student data digitally. The data stored in this system can be accessed and used by the principals, teachers, administrators, parents and students. But that’s not all, a student management system can also be used for communication, administrating daily student activities, allot homework and monitoring their performance etc. It is an all-in-one software for schools to teach and administer.

There are several benefits of using a student information system in school.

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Automated- Tasks:

One of the best features of the student information system that provides the most benefit to the schools. That is an automated feature, this feature does every task automatically without any manual assistance at every step. The users just have to put the information into the system and it will provide the results. For example, instead of maintaining written records of student personal information, administrators can add it to the SIS which will always remain there. It saves time and effort both.

Enhance Efficiency:

Its’ automatic feature saves the teachers and staff precious time. This enhances their efficiency to work more on the right tasks. For example, the time that teachers used to waste on maintaining attendance records, can now be used to create better lesson plans and syllabus outlines. Because now the attendance maintenance work is done by an automatic attendance management tool.

Centralized Data Storage:

Centralized data storage means storing all the information related to students i.e; academics, personal and health information, previous and new certificates and documents etc. in one place. Traditionally, the schools have to maintain various files for storing these documents. And the paper works often get tarnished with time too, all these issues are solved by the student management system. It stores all the student data in one place digitally, keeping it safe from any harm and making it easier for teachers, parents or students to access them at once at anytime. 

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Student Portal:

The student information system not only works for the benefit of the school, but it benefits students too. It works as a student portal for them, on which they can get information released by the school, post their queries in a chat box, and get data on their academic performance. This way they stay up-to-date with every information related to them and their studies. 

Parental Involvement:

Back when there were no facilities like online chatting, virtual parent-teacher meetings, webinars and emails the interaction between the school and parents was limited. Parents get to meet teachers only at annual functions, monthly parent-teacher meets and brief interactions while dropping off students. This used to create hindrance, and parents and teachers can’t communicate about students’ academics. Not now, with the help of technologies like school ERP parents can keep tabs on their child’s academics and overall school behavior.

Identifying Learning Gaps:

The student information system provides a smooth and swift communication network within the school institute. This way teachers, administrators and staff stay in the loop. It helps them to find any learning gaps easily and quickly, and they can start working on filling those gaps immediately. This way students get the right solution to their problems and perform well.

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Provides Learning Resources:

Providing the right learning resources to the students is a challenging task. Choosing the right educational videos, and reference material requires research, and then teachers need to compile them. Tools like LMS makes this work easier for the teachers, as they can now create and distribute the online course material without any hassle.


SIS is a secure system with features like cloud-based storage.

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