Tips for Microsoft’s OA & Coding Interviews

Microsoft is one of the biggest tech giants with over 2 Lakh employees working around the globe. 

Today, the company is dealing with advanced technologies and providing A-class services to its clients.

 To enhance their growth, the team is constantly expanding by adding skilled and tech-enthusiast professionals in different domains. However, to join his team of experts, you will have to prepare well for tough competition.

The process of selecting new team members is quite detailed at Microsoft. In case you are willing to join this global team of experts, you will have to appear for different interview stages. 

If you want to be an integral part of the Microsoft family, you have to go through six rounds of interviews. The coding interview is one of the most difficult yet significant rounds in this session containing typical questions like number theory questions. 

To know more about the process and tips through which you can easily answer the Microsoft coding interview questions, stay on this page till the end. 

Let’s begin our discussion with the outline of the Microsoft Interview Process. 

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Microsoft interview Process

Understanding the interview process is important for you to prepare for the exam and interview sessions adequately

The whole Microsoft interview process is divided into 6 main stages that can be successfully completed within a span of around 1 month. Starting with a call from the recruiting team and completing with a hiring letter.

 Let’s take a glance at an outline of this process for a better understanding:

Call from the Recruiter

The first step is often called phone screening. In this stage, the recruiters connect with selected candidates by phone. You will be asked for general information about your past qualifications, personal profile, and such topics during this call session. The call might last up to 25-30 minutes and hence make sure you use your best communication skills to answer the questions asked during this phase. 

Technical Call

Once the recruiter moves your profile to the next stage, you will get another call from the Microsoft recruitment team. However, the questions asked during this phone call will be a bit more technical. Be ready to face questions related to Data structures, algorithms, binary trees, and other technical concepts during this session. Ensure that your answers are accurate and adequately to go to the next phase.

Online Interview

The third phase of this interview process is to attend an online interview. This phase will mostly consist of a verbal interview. Hence, you must take it seriously. You can prepare for different online questions regarding the post for which you applied. 

On-site Interview

Next, you will visit Microsoft Office. You will then be evaluated on various technical and non-tech questions by the interviewer. You can find coding and other technical questions in this segment. 

HR interview

Once you ace your technical and verbal interviews, you will then be analyzed by HR based on their experience and your expertise. This phase can be made simpler with the help of communication skills, a positive attitude, and soft skills.


The final step of this process is where you set up the salary bracket by discussing the same with recruiters. If you find the right value of your skills by the Microsoft team, you can confirm the job. 

You must be wondering how you can enhance your chances of clearing the OA coding assessment by Microsoft. Find out some specific tips that will help you get through this interview stage with flying colors. 

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Tips to crack OA and Coding Interview

The online coding assessment and the interview can be quite typical for the candidates. To excel at these phase of your interview, keep the following tips on the top of your mind:

Practice sample questions

Practice can make everything easier! 

To ensure that you are well prepared for this stage of your Microsoft interview, you must practice a few sample questions before your test. This will help you figure out the patterns of questions and the test. You can also develop problem-solving skills while practicing the sample questions. 

Analyze the mock tests

Never miss the mock tests! 

Microsoft often allows its candidates to appear for mock tests. With the help of these mock tests, you can easily get an idea about difficulty level, question forming pattern, and other aspects of your test before appearing for it. 

Cover the significant topics

Learn important topics in depth! 

While preparing for your Microsoft coding test, make sure you go through the theoretical concepts in detail first. This will help you in cracking the online assessment as well. Topics like data structures, system design, algorithms, and others are important to score well in this interview phase. 

Practice Pseudocodes

You must know the working of codes! 

To make the online assessment and coding interview trickier for the candidates, the recruiters often ask them to resolve Pseudocodes. Make sure you practice these types of questions and try to obtain accurate results within the given time constraint. 

Ask for clarity

Ask it out loud for a better understanding

Another important tip is to make sure that you ask all your doubts and queries especially in case of problem statements. Never be shy to ask your doubts about your recruiter. It will help you to solve the problem statements with a much more efficient and accurate approach. Also, it will have a positive impact on your recruiter. 

Know your code

From its meaning to function, know your code inside out

To make sure that you can showcase your coding skills, you need to understand your code first. Make sure you develop an error-free and accurate code. The interviewer might ask you to describe the code in detail for which you must understand the code first. 

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Winding Up

Cracking the coding and OA Microsoft interview is not a far-fetched dream now. All you need is to keep a few tips and tricks in your mind while preparing for Microsoft coding interview questions. 

You can consider various interview questions, especially the number theory questions to practice for this phase of your test. Your dream job is not far with the help of the right preparations. 

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