13 Sports and Health Apps for Apple Watch

The essential apps on the Apple Watch to get in shape

Thanks to the different motion and heart rate sensors of the Apple Watch. It becomes the ideal device to monitor our physical activity throughout the day. If we add to this some good applications that help us, we have the perfect tool to get in shape:

Strava GPS

One of the most popular services for cycling and running routes. The Strava community is one of the largest thanks to its multi-platform service.

As for the watchOS app, it allows us to do complete tracking, showing the data that interests us most in real time and with offline routes without having to carry the iPhone nearby.

Nike+ Run Club

The official Nike app for running, and the official Nike+ Apple Watch app. A complete application on the Apple Watch that also has the entire Nike community behind it.

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Similar to the previous three although under the Runkeeper brand. It is one of the best when it comes to going out for a run because of the way it shows the data through graphs where you can see the evolution of your rhythm or heart rate, for example.

Streaks Workout

One of the best apps for doing short exercises. At the time we talked about her as a personal trainer for TV thanks to her app for Apple TV.


The app on the App Store in 2016 and rightly so. It offers us small intervals of seven-minute exercises with which to improve our physical condition. Useful and effective to create healthy habits.

Runtastic Results

This app offers us a personal trainer on our wrist to get in shape in a few weeks. The results begin to be seen easily, which makes it much more motivating.

Asana Rebel: A fitness app inspired by. yoga! Through different daily yoga exercises, the app allows us to improve our physical condition and achieve the weight goals we set for ourselves.


Lifesum is your dietitian and personal trainer on Apple Watch. It suggests different diets to follow to achieve the weight we are looking for with the help of food and physical exercise. It is perfect for adding everything we ingest from the Apple Watch.


Similar to Lifesum, at 8fit we will have our own trainer to help us with diet and daily exercises. Thanks to the Apple Watch app we can easily control these daily exercises and complete them.

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A simple but effective app that will help us… drink water. The functionality of WaterMinder is to remind us of the daily amount of water we have left to drink. Because drinking water is much more important for our health than it seems.

Apple Activity and Training

Apple apps to record our daily activity and to carry out all types of training. Thanks to the integration with Health by third-party apps, it is easy to see our progress during the day in Activity.

Apple Breathe

In addition to physical activity, it is important to take mental health into account. With Breathe from Apple we perform small daily meditation exercises that help us concentrate better and relax.