Meta Launches Over 20 AI-Powered Tools and Unveils Text-to-Image Generator on Instagram

In a stride toward harnessing the power of artificial intelligence (AI), Meta has launched a wave of more than 20 AI-based tools before the close of 2023. Among the groundbreaking releases is the unveiling of its very own image generator from text.

The social media giant is gearing up to revamp Instagram, incorporating a slew of AI-driven features poised to benefit a vast user base. Commencing this Wednesday, Meta’s AI division is introducing the ability to craft images from text within group chats, alongside the integration of AI capabilities into Reels, the platform’s short-form video content.

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AI Integration on Instagram

With the inaugural feature, dubbed ‘Reimagine,’ users need to navigate to a group chat and tag @metaAI.

Subsequently, by typing ‘/imagine’ followed by a descriptive text of the intended image, the AI will process the request and generate the image.

Once sent, the AI furnishes the image, enabling all participants in the chat to view, share, or engage in collaborative editing, facilitating the addition of various elements for enhanced creations.

This tool will also be accessible via the web for free. Users keen to experiment can visit the provided link to create high-resolution images. To access this feature, creating a Meta account is imperative, a process easily facilitated through one’s existing Facebook account.

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Reels and Meta AI

Another notable addition is the integration of Reels within the Meta AI chat. This enhancement holds promise when seeking visual examples relevant to a query.

For instance, in a group chat planning a trip, users can ask Meta AI to recommend the finest places to visit. The AI will share relevant Reels, offering visual insights aligned with their interests.

Meta asserts the existence of over 20 new generative AI experiences being trialed across Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp. These encompass diverse areas such as search optimization, social discovery, advertising, business messaging, and more.

The infusion of AI into social interactions is set to redefine user experiences across Meta’s platforms, promising innovative avenues for creativity, exploration, and seamless connectivity.

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