Reflecting on Your Best Instagram Moments of 2023

In the winding down of the year, Instagram users often find themselves eager to cap off the year with a reminiscent glance at their most-liked posts, wrapping up on a high note. This sort of content tends to serve as a wonderful way to celebrate the highlights, whether from work accomplishments or personal milestones.

Thanks to apps designed to curate and compile your most-liked photos, creating a stylish layout to share has never been easier. These tools, readily available and free, offer customization options before you post your retrospective.

Apps for Instagram Retrospective

Here are three free options to share your most-liked Instagram photos of 2023. Remember, profiles must be public for these apps to analyze the data.

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For Android Users

The Nine Grid Photo app enables you to revisit your highest-rated Instagram photos from 2023 and compile them into a collage. Simply follow these steps to craft your 2023 Instagram retrospective using Nine Grid Photo:

  1. Download Nine Grid Photo (Android).

  2. Agree to the terms and tap “Start.”

  3. Choose your preferred language.

  4. Enter your username and tap the arrow icon.

  5. Tap “2023” and then “Share.”

  6. Select Instagram and the type of post you wish to make.

Additionally, you can opt to “Create Video” for an audiovisual retrospective. In this setting, you have the ability to modify the music, incorporate animated elements, and fine-tune the audio volume according to your preferences.

For iOS Users:

Best Nine allows you to view your most-liked Instagram photos from 2023 and generate a collage based on them. Here’s how to use Best Nine for your 2023 Instagram retrospective on an iPhone:

  1. Download Best Nine (iOS).

  2. Select “2023” and tap “Continue.”

  3. Enter your username and tap “Create.”

  4. Tap “Save or Share.”

  5. Choose “Open in Instagram.”

  6. Select your preferred sharing method.

For added flair, consider “Customizing Frames” for a layout of your choice. Please be aware that accessing this feature incurs a fee of $14.90.

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For Computer Users

Best Nine also offers a web version accessible on computers. Here’s how to utilize it:

  1. Visit Best Nine (

  2. Scroll down and input the username without the @ symbol.

  3. Click the magnifying glass icon.

  4. You can either save the file or post the result on your Instagram.

In addition to these two applications, Top 9 is another option available for crafting your Instagram 2023 retrospective showcasing your top-rated posts. This tool is accessible via a web browser on a computer or an Android phone and also has an iOS app version.

Create your Instagram retrospective and bid farewell to 2023 by reliving the cherished moments that made the year memorable!

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