Revolution of 5G Technology in Future

The Revolution of 5G technology in the future is nothing but a revolution of the communication system and mobile phones. Today, with the introduction of 5G technology, connecting two devices is possible by a wireless connection. There would be no need of a USB cable or any Ethernet cables or any other networking system for that matter. It will completely change the way we work and communicate with each other. The most significant disadvantage would be the slow data transfer rate. It makes the communication system of today very slow compared to the previous years. There will be a reduction in the quality of sound as well due to less transmission bandwidth. Apart from that, there will be a decrease in the transfer speed also in the later years.

5G Technology

As already discussed, the potential of the technology is nothing but an advancement in the old form of telephony. The old form was mainly analog, but we are moving towards digital telephony due to improvements in technology. It would mean that the quality of sound and data will not remain the same in the future.

The Revolution of 5G technology is expected to take place in the next couple of years. At the moment, there are already millions of users worldwide using such a communication system. It means that this new technology will increase its usage and will become more prevalent in the future.

Advantages of 5G technology

5G Technology

To gain the competitive advantage of this new technology, one would need to adopt some innovative ways. It would help them gain leverage over their competitors and help them gain huge profits. One such way would be to use Wi-Fi signals effectively to connect to the cloud. IT would also use some innovative services like Air video or live streaming very effectively to make the internet service more effective.

People would need to upgrade their computers because this new technology is more advanced than the current technology. There would be more advanced software available that would run on a completely different operating system. Moreover, there will need to do a lot of changes to the current computers as well. It would be one of the most significant disadvantages people face because they have no proper training regarding the transition from current to the new systems.

People might not be happy with this because it would mean a change to their computer operating system. It would be a big hassle, and most people would choose not to make the change. However, they should think again because it will be the best thing to happen to them. The Wi-Fi that is available now will be available in a much bigger future. Therefore, it would be wise to make the change now.

It would be one of the excellent services provided by Google, which is helpful for people who want to communicate via the internet. They would only need a smartphone or tablet, and they can surf the internet easily using this device. It will also support voice communication, so the users would not have to use a microphone to convey their message. It is an essential aspect that cannot be ignored by anyone in the world today.

Disadvantages of 5G technology


However, the most significant disadvantage of this technology is the slowing down of the internet. There are many areas where this technology is being used currently. Some of them are the tourism industry, automotive industry, and medical fields. These sectors require a fast internet connection. Due to its limited bandwidth, the internet cannot be utilized fully by these users. So, at present, people are not able to avail full benefits of the technology.

Some of them are unable to enjoy the high speed of connection due to specific reasons. Other than this, others would need extra bandwidth for their big companies. Because of this, one would need to migrate from one platform to another as per the requirement.

Another big drawback of such technology is the cost. This technology is comparatively more expensive than any other form of communication. It means that it is not viable for smaller businesses. Small scale businesses are not able to afford this technology because of its high cost. However, giant scale companies would use this facility aggressively because of its large bandwidth.



The Revolution of 5G technology has come when the internet is growing tremendously, and people realize its importance. Only a few years back, the internet was not such a widespread phenomenon. However, its demands have increased with time, so the internet service providers are increasing their rates so that people can afford to use this facility. It is expected that every person in the world will have access to the internet within the following year. The speed would be increased, and it would provide a high quality of communication to the user. Furthermore, this internet service would be more reliable.

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