Chegg Review: Unlocking the Potential of a Comprehensive Student Resource

As a modern college student, you’ve likely encountered numerous websites and apps promising to enhance your academic journey. Among the most popular is Chegg, originally a buy and rental book service that has transformed into a comprehensive platform catering to student needs. But is Chegg trustworthy and worth the investment? In this article, we’ll provide an unbiased review based on first-hand experiences to help you determine whether Chegg can be your ultimate college ally.

Evolution of Chegg: From Books to Much More

Chegg’s roots as an online textbook rental marketplace date back to its launch in 2005. However, over the years, it has expanded its services to include an impressive array of offerings, such as tutoring, video walkthroughs, math problem solvers, paper checkers, and a citation generator. Today, It has become a complete site for students seeking academic support.

Chegg Study

Priced at $14.95 per month, Chegg Study boasts expert Q&As, textbook solutions, practice problems, and guided video explanations. While the Q&A expert service provides rapid responses, the anonymity of the experts raises concerns about reliability, earning this service a modest score.

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Chegg Writing

At $9.95 per month, Chegg Writing caters to students seeking expert opinions on essays. The service analyzes papers for grammatical errors and plagiarism, providing helpful feedback. However, the plagiarism tool can sometimes overestimate similarity, affecting the overall score.

Expert Proofreading

Offering personalized feedback from real humans, Expert Proofreading ensures thorough examination of papers. The prompt response and accurate corrections make this service highly recommended, despite the lack of transparency regarding the experts’ identities.

Chegg Math Solver

Priced at $9.95 per month, Chegg Math Solver proves invaluable for students tackling complex analytical subjects. Its step-by-step explanations alongside answers make it a standout service that truly aids in understanding.

User Testimonials

The experiences shared by members of the Great Hacker team using Chegg services have been overwhelmingly positive. From the citation machine, lauded for its time-saving efficiency, to the textbook solutions praised for their reliability (about 95% of the time), Chegg has garnered appreciation for its vast array of resources and budget-friendly options.


Chegg’s Learn feature allows students to discover new subjects or gain insights into topics they are currently studying. While it provides organized and helpful information, it lacks depth, making it more suitable for gaining inspiration rather than exhaustive research.

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Take a Practice Test

The Take a Practice Test feature is an excellent tool for exam preparation, offering a variety of practice questions with immediate solutions. With a wide range of courses and subjects, this service is perfect for reviewing essential topics and boosting confidence.

Chegg Citation Machine

The citation machine’s automatic creation of citations in various writing styles is a time-saving boon for students. Its organization of references in one place ensures a hassle-free citation process, though users should always verify the accuracy of the generated citations.

Textbook Rental and Purchase

Chegg’s reputation as one of the most affordable textbook rental services is well-deserved. The process of renting and purchasing eTextbooks is seamless, accompanied by attractive offers such as free shipping, rental returns, a 21-day refund guarantee, and the liberty to highlight rental books.

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Final Verdict

Chegg emerges as a comprehensive platform offering an array of features that cater to a wide range of student necessities. While concerns about the anonymity of experts persist throughout its services, the overall experience with Chegg is positive, making it a trustworthy and valuable resource for college students.

With an overall score of 8.9, Chegg comes highly recommended, though users should remain cautious regarding anonymous responses. Now armed with detailed information about Chegg’s services, the decision to allow Chegg to be your college companion is entirely up to you.

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