Xiaomi Pad 6S Pro: The Latest Tablet with Massive Battery

Xiaomi has unveiled its latest tablet, the Xiaomi Pad 6S Pro, boasting an impressive battery capacity and generous storage configuration. With its noteworthy features, this device has garnered much anticipation among tech enthusiasts. Let’s delve into the details of its launch date and specifications!


The Chinese tech giant Xiaomi, known for its innovative products, has introduced the Xiaomi Pad 6S Pro tablet alongside its flagship smartphone, Xiaomi 14 Ultra. This move signifies Xiaomi’s expansion into the tablet market, aiming to cater to a broader audience.

Design and Features

The Xiaomi Pad 6S Pro showcases a design reminiscent of other models in the Xiaomi Pad 6 lineup. However, the company has introduced some significant features with this latest release.

Upon closer inspection of its features, the tablet is powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 SoC, offering robust performance. It runs on Xiaomi’s new HyperOS operating system, enhancing user experience. Additionally, the tablet comes with a magnetic keyboard and stylus support, providing versatility and functionality.

Display and Connectivity

Featuring a 12.4-inch LCD panel with a stunning 3K resolution, the Xiaomi Pad 6S Pro offers a refresh rate of up to 144Hz and a 3:2 aspect ratio, ensuring immersive visuals. Moreover, it supports 120W wired fast charging and Wi-Fi 7 connectivity, catering to modern connectivity needs.

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Storage and Battery

According to reports, the tablet is expected to offer a maximum of 24GB RAM and 1TB onboard storage, catering to users’ extensive storage requirements. Furthermore, it houses a massive 10,000mAh battery and a 50-megapixel primary rear camera, ensuring long-lasting usage and capturing high-quality images.

Launch Details

While the complete details are yet to be revealed, the Xiaomi Pad 6SPro is scheduled to launch on February 22nd, as per recent announcements.

Variants and Pricing

The Xiaomi Pad6S Pro will be available in various configurations. The base model with 8GB RAM and 128GB storage is priced at around CNY 2,399 (approximately $350), while higher variants with 8GB + 256GB, 12GB + 256GB, and 12GB + 512GB configurations will also be available at varying prices, up to CNY 2,999 (approximately $430).

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The Xiaomi Pad 6S Pro emerges as a promising addition to Xiaomi’s product lineup, offering impressive specifications and features at competitive prices. Its launch is eagerly awaited by tech enthusiasts, heralding a new era in the tablet market.