Five smart ways to generate quality backlinks

Link building is the cornerstone of any SEO strategy, but it can be an extremely tedious and time consuming process, because it requires an effort that isn’t scalable, building relationships. While most businesses do not have the right industry-wide connections to boost content and build backlinks, there are services offered by agencies like Perfect Link Building, to help build excellent backlinks for your enterprise. Some techniques that can be used to generate high quality backlinks are

Replicating Competitor Backlinks

Because of its simplicity and effectiveness, this is one of the most preferred techniques among respondents. Look at your competitor backlink profiles to gain some of your own. If you want to increase your rankings, this technique will assist you in developing the same backlink profile as your main competitors. If you want to enhance traffic, you can look inside for tips on traffic-driving websites. Once you know where your competitors’ links are, you may pinpoint the websites where you should likewise place your link.

Build Links With Images

People click on images because they attract attention and take up space. This is why it’s worthwhile to create and promote visuals (infographics, graphics, product shots, cartoons, you name it) in order to get more backlinks. However, if you are considering using the images as backlinks, try to ensure that the link is linked to the source image where the image lives and not an image directory link, because any link that goes to the image directory is simply wasted and does not link back to your website.

Write Guest Posts

Guest posting will increase your credibility and get your brand in front of a new audience, but it’s also a terrific SEO tactic if you can incorporate a link to your website within the text. Getting your product or service on a “best of” list is excellent confirmation, but it also places a link to your site on a relevant, reputable site.

You can enquire with the writer or site owner about the process of being added to the list. Sometimes it’s paid placement, and sometimes it’s up to editorial discretion, but if you provide a compelling blurb, they might include you to keep their content fresh.

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Broken Link Building

Another prevalent strategy is broken link building, which mixes offering something valuable for the website owner while asking for a link. The idea is to locate examples of broken links on relevant websites that connect to something comparable to a page on your website. Then, notify the website owner that there is a broken link on their site and recommend yours as a suitable replacement. It’s informing them of a problem with their website that they may not have been aware of, while also providing a simple solution.

Curate Industry Statistics

Creating a center of the most relevant facts in your sector is a great way to get quality backlinks. Stats are constantly sought after by content developers. They enjoy creating data-driven content and require data to back it up. It saves time for content developers if you can curate the analytics on one page.

You are not required to possess the data. Even when you are looking at secondary sources of information, it is good to have a list of clear, straightforward facts related to the industry. These lists will be useful not only for people searching for the information but also for the content providers.

The more people who link to your website, the more social proof you have that it is relevant. While excellent content can generate backlinks organically, you can also utilize tactics to build them actively. If you need assistance in your link building efforts, you can also take a look at the affordable link building packages offered by Perfect Link building. 

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