Twitter Introduces New Feature for Direct Communication between users

In the ever-evolving landscape of technology, innovation continues to reshape the way we interact on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Users witness a constant influx of new features, enhancing their experience on these platforms. Recently, Elon Musk’s social media platform, Social Media Platform X, introduced a groundbreaking feature that directly impacts Android users.

With this new update, Android users can now seamlessly engage in audio and video calls through the X app. To make the most of this feature, users are encouraged to update their X app and navigate to the ‘Privacy and Safety’ option in the settings.

Upon selecting the ‘Direct Messages’ option, users are presented with three choices: ‘People you follow,’ ‘People who follow you,’ and ‘Verified users.’ Users can choose the option that aligns with their preferences and privacy concerns.

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Until now, Twitter primarily served as a platform for sharing tweets. However, the introduction of this feature expands its functionality to include direct communication through audio and video calls. This development is not only significant for personal communication but also holds great potential for public figures in fields such as cinema and politics, who heavily leverage these platforms.

The integration of audio and video calls on X adds a new dimension to communication, allowing users to connect more intimately without revealing their phone numbers. This opens up possibilities for chatting, voice calls, and video calls directly within the app, ensuring privacy while enhancing communication.

Twitter’s move towards incorporating multimedia communication is a strategic step in meeting the diverse needs of its users. By prioritizing privacy and offering versatile communication options, X has introduced a feature that is sure to be widely embraced. As users explore this new facet of the platform, the convergence of social media and communication technologies takes another leap forward.

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