Sedecordle: A Word Game | How to Play, Rules & Tips

Word games have always been popular among puzzle enthusiasts, and their periodic and engaging content keeps players hooked. Recently, a new word puzzle game has garnered attention for its unique gameplay and challenging nature – Sedecordle. Created in 2022, Sedecordle has captured the interest of many players with its 16 mysterious five-letter expressions that players must decipher daily. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore all about this amazing word puzzle game, how to play it, the best expressions to use, and strategies to score high in Sedecordle.

What is Sedecordle and How to Play?

Sedecordle is a word puzzle game where players must discover enigmatic words. Similar to Wordle, it allows players to solve multiple puzzles simultaneously, some of which can be quite challenging. The game shares similarities with Nerdle, Dordle, Quordle, Tridle, and others with the same purpose. Here’s how you play the game:

Hidden Expressions: The expressions are hidden in the grid on your screen.

Initial Guess: Your first guess applies to all expressions, and the correct and incorrect answers are displayed accordingly.

Hints and Feedback: You can use the feedback from correct and incorrect answers to guess the next word.

Limited Attempts: You get 21 attempts to guess 16 words, and you cannot use grayed-out letters again.

Where Can You Play Sedecordle?

The best part about Sedecordle is that you don’t need to download an app to play it. You can access the official Sedecordle website, which is compatible with both desktop computers and mobile phones.

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Differences Between Sedecordle and Wordle

Sedecordle stands out from Wordle in terms of the number of guesses players get. While Wordle challenges players to guess a single five-letter word in six attempts, Sedecordle offers 16 expressions to guess in 21 attempts. Additionally, Sedecordle allows you to play more freely with an unlimited mode for endless puzzle fun.

How to Play Sedecordle?

  • Open your web browser and visit the official Sedecordle website.
  • Choose between the daily mode or free Sedecordle on the homepage.
  • Once the challenge is presented on the screen, you’ll see a grid with numbers representing hidden words.
  • As you guess the words, the numbers will turn green for correct letters and yellow for correct letters in the wrong position.
  • You can navigate between the 16 puzzle boards by clicking on the corresponding numbers at the top.
  • Start making guesses and try to solve all the puzzles.

Best Expressions for Sedecordle

If you’re new to the game or looking to start with some commonly used expressions, here is a list of some of the best words for Sedecordle:

Scoring Rules for Sedecordle:

To score well in Sedecordle, follow these rules:

  • You have 16 five-letter words to complete.
  • You can make 21 guesses per challenge.
  • Correct guesses turn green, incorrect guesses turn gray, and correct letters in the wrong position turn yellow.
  • You can reuse letters and can also use grayed-out letters.
  • Unacceptable words will turn red.

Tips and Tricks for Sedecordle:

For a professional approach to Sedecordle, consider these tips:

  • Easily switch between the 16 puzzle boards by clicking on the numbers at the top.
  • Guess vowels first, as they often help reveal other letters in the puzzle.
  • Until you have three or more green squares, don’t guess a word for the first two rounds.
  • Combine words to form groups, such as “TEMPRANO” and “TRABAJOS.”
  • Mark all squares to avoid missing any green squares at the bottom of the grid.
  • Don’t waste guesses on a single word; continue guessing other expressions.
  • Utilize an erasable notepad for additional help and concentration.

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Sedecordle Alternatives

Here are 10 free online word games you can incorporate into your daily routine:


Unlike Sedecordle, which has a single correct answer for all players each day, Absurdle is designed to be almost impossible to solve. The algorithm selects words that are as different as possible from the first word proposed by the user, changing the correct answer with each attempt until only one possibility remains.


However, instead of guessing a single word, CrossSedecordle challenges players to find two related words that intersect, similar to a crossword puzzle. Each attempt reveals another clue.


If Sedecordle seems too easy for you, try Dordle for double the fun. This game features two side-by-side boards with letters placed in green, yellow, and gray squares to indicate correctness. Players have six chances to guess the two words. It comes in two versions: Daily Dordle for a new game every day, and Unlimited Dordle for limitless fun.

Hello Wordl

This variant allows players to choose the length of the secret word. You can opt for a longer word by adjusting the slider, ranging from 4 to 11 letters.


Even if you’re not a fan of numbers, Nerdle might be worth a try. This game challenges players to solve math equations in six attempts. Different colored squares indicate correctness: green for the right number in the right place, yellow for the right number in the wrong place, and gray for an incorrect number.

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If you have a penchant for colorful language, this game is for you. Sweardle follows the same concept as Sedecordle, but with less-than-polite solutions. A game with personality, it might not be appropriate for work, public places, or around young children.

Wizarding Sedecordle

Each day presents a new puzzle with five-letter words related to the magical world, such as “squib,” “filch,” “cloak,” or “broom.” (Harry Potter fans can also try Hogwartle).

Words with Friends

A word game pioneer on the internet, Words with Friends has been a hit since its 2009 launch. Similar to Scrabble, it allows players to compete in word-forming matches with friends or other users on the platform. Accessible through an app, this game provides a social and competitive word challenge.


Players are shown a silhouette map and must guess the marked country or territory. Each attempt reveals the distance (and direction) from the correct answer, offering six opportunities to identify it.

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