How To Create A Blog And Start Making Money: 5 Key Ways To Earn!

If you are hungry to start making money online so you can work remotely, travel, or simply be your own boss, you may have given some thought to starting your own blog. But where does one even begin?

In this article, we’re going to share some tips on how to create a blog and start making money online, with 5 key ways to leverage a blog and earn.

Buy, renovate, and flip blogs

One popular method is buying existing blogs, renovating them / increasing traffic, and then flipping them once more for profit.

There are many different websites where you can bid on blogs, but one of the most popular is Flippa.

The idea is straight forward enough:

  • Find a blog in your niche that gets traffic and makes a steady income each month.
  • Put in a bid (typically 40x the average monthly income).
  • Once you are the owner of the blog, give it a good spring cleaning:
    1. Repurpose / refresh old content
    2. Improve internal linking
    3. Remove poor / irrelevant content
    4. Create new ‘high-value’ content
    5. Etc.
  • Once your new blog is attracting more traffic and turning over a much higher monthly, you can consider flipping it again for an even bigger profit!

Product reviews

Another effective way to earn through blogging is writing product reviews. If you establish yourself as an authority by writing loads of high-value, in-depth product reviews, businesses will happily pay you to promote their own products.

It might be worth picking a particular niche that you are passionate about / knowledgeable about; that way you can quickly establish yourself as an authority, attract as much traffic as possible, and start making some serious money.

Create a high-value, industry-specific guest blogging website

Alternatively, you could create a guest blogging website and make money through submissions. The best way to do this is to establish a niche, populate the blog with high-value content, increase traffic, and establish a solid PageRank (PR) rating, and then promote your website to businesses within your chosen industry.

At first you may have to do a fair bit of outreach to get reputable businesses to want to contribute to your website. However, once properly established, you can make some tidy passive income through regular submissions.


Advertising on blogs is one of the most popular blog monetization methods available today. Using websites like Google AdSense, you can leverage advertising networks and start making passive income by having various ads featured on your blog website.

One of the drawbacks with this method is that you will have very little control over the types of advertisements you have to show your readers. Not only that but ads typically negatively impact a website’s user experience.

That said, it still remains a highly effective means of making passive income via popular blog websites.

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is another great way to earn money through a blog. Unlike advertising where you only get a few bucks per thousand impressions, if you sell an affiliate product through your blog you can earn up to 90% of the total sales generated.

The process is relatively straight forward:

  • Establish your niche.
  • Join an affiliate programme.
  • Get a unique referral link.
  • Any sales generated through the link will be profit in your pocket.

Final thoughts

These are just a handful of the ways that you can earn money through a blog – and the summaries that we have provided make it all sound much easier than it really is. Make no mistake, there’s an awful lot of research and work involved. However, if you execute your strategy well and consider hiring an SEO agency to help you attract as much organic traffic to your website as possible, you can indeed make an attractive sum through blogging!

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