Exciting Gadgets Unveiled at CES 2024: Have You Seen Them Yet?

The CES 2024 event in Las Vegas is buzzing with the unveiling of cutting-edge gadgets that are revolutionizing the tech landscape. Beyond ordinary products, this year’s event showcases gadgets and vehicles infused with innovative technologies. Let’s delve into the details of some of the outstanding AI-powered gadgets.


Among the remarkable AI innovations at the CES stage is ‘Ballie,’ presented on the CES platform. Launched by Samsung, this gadget resembles a small ball but packs a punch in functionality. While it may be diminutive in size, it serves as more than just a companion. Ballie proves to be a useful device for various household tasks, making it a versatile entertainment device and a practical assistant. Impressively, it captures the attention of many spectators at the event, and its official release details are eagerly anticipated.

LG Smart Home Agent

Not to be outdone, LG introduces its Smart Home Agent, a cutting-edge gadget equipped with the latest technology. Functioning as a smart hub, it communicates seamlessly with users through ChatGPT voice technology. This device not only facilitates communication but also monitors mental well-being, providing valuable assistance. LG has not yet revealed the official pricing and launch date for this robotic marvel.

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Segway Navimow

The Segway Navimow stands out as a robotic lawnmower at CES, integrating AI technology. This gadget boasts features such as blade halt sensors, rain sensors, ultrasonic sensors, and vision fence sensors, making it an advanced lawn care solution. While its pricing may not be budget-friendly in the American market, it starts at $1300 in Europe.


More than just gadgets from Samsung and LG, ORO catches attention as a pet-friendly robot. With expressive eyes and the ability to dispense food, ORO functions like a robotic pet sitter, providing companionship and entertainment for pets. Priced at $799, it is set to hit the market in April, with pre-orders available now at a discounted rate of $299.

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MOBINN stands as a gadget designed for everyday use, particularly in home environments or outdoor spaces. With flexible wheels, this robot efficiently transports ordered items, demonstrating its utility in daily life. MOBINN’s LiDAR-based mapping system enables it to navigate during day and night, contributing to its versatility. Pricing and launch date details are yet to be officially announced.


For entertainment enthusiasts and those interested in home monitoring, LOONA is a robot designed to interact and entertain. This device, priced at $380, serves as a home monitor, a programming learning platform, and a charming companion. Pre-orders are available with a down payment of $299.

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Robot Vacuum

At CES 2024, the Robot Vacuum emerges as an all-in-one device with voice assistance, a robotic arm, and video calling functionality. With a camera onboard, users can remotely control the robot, making it a versatile and accessible gadget for various applications. Further details about its pricing and specifications remain to be disclosed.

As CES 2024 unfolds, these AI-powered gadgets showcase the incredible progress in technology, promising a future where smart devices seamlessly integrate into our daily lives. Stay tuned for more updates as these gadgets make their way from the CES stage to our homes.

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