Xiaomi Launches 360-Degree Home Security Camera with AI Human Detection Technology

Xiaomi has recently launched its new 360-degree home security camera with advanced features in India. The company claims that the camera provides enhanced security with its panoramic view for covering every angle.

Named the Xiaomi 360 Home Security Camera 2K, it boasts a 2K resolution, offering detailed and clear images. The camera is equipped with advanced night vision and communication support to ensure comprehensive surveillance and aid in emergencies.

Key Features and Specifications:

The Xiaomi 360 Home Security Camera 2K is priced at INR 3,200 in India and is available for purchase on Mi.com. The sale will commence on January 22, and it will also be available on Amazon and Flipkart.

The camera features a 2K resolution, providing a full 360-degree panoramic view and a 108-degree tilt view. It incorporates a 3-megapixel sensor and utilizes AI human detection technology for accurate and precise monitoring. The camera lens consists of a 6P lens for capturing detailed and vivid images.

Moreover, the device supports Wi-Fi connectivity, enabling wireless monitoring through the Xiaomi Home app. The infrared LEDs on the camera enhance night vision, ensuring clear visibility in low-light conditions. The camera is also equipped with AI human detection technology to eliminate false alarms and provide accurate alerts.

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Interactive Features:

One of the standout features of the Xiaomi 360 Home Security Camera 2K is its two-way voice calling capability, allowing interactive communication. The camera’s AI human detection technology aids in maintaining a secure surveillance system and can support microSD card storage of up to 256GB.

In addition to the camera launch, Xiaomi has hinted at the release of its new Xiaomi 14 Ultra smartphone and Xiaomi Pad 7 Pro tablet. Details of the smartphone, including model numbers and release timelines, have surfaced through IMEI listings, suggesting a global launch beyond China.

While Xiaomi has been known for its international launches, the availability of the new phone in India is yet to be confirmed, following the company’s recent launch trends.

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Xiaomi continues to expand its product offerings, providing advanced security solutions with the launch of the 360 Home Security Camera 2K. The inclusion of AI technology, high-resolution imaging, and interactive features makes it a promising addition to Xiaomi’s lineup. As the company continues to innovate, consumers can expect more cutting-edge products in the future.

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