Why Should You Choose Lab Grown Diamonds Over Natural Diamonds?

When buying jewelry or investing in the diamond industry, there are two main types of diamonds that you can consider. One of these types is natural or mined diamonds. This is the most popular of the two types because it has existed worldwide for many decades.

The second type of diamond is the lab grown diamond variety. These ones are slowly but quickly gaining traction in the diamond industry. But you might not be sure whether lab grown diamonds are worth buying. This article will provide reasons for choosing these diamonds. 

lab grown diamonds

Let’s get started with it.

What are Lab Grown Diamonds?

It will be vital to start with a brief definition of what lab grown diamonds are. A brief insight will help you understand the rest of this article better. So what are they? Well, lab grown diamonds are real diamonds created in labs by scientists and other specialists.

The process of growing diamonds in the lab isn’t different from the natural process that happens in the earth’s crust. The lab environment mimics the conditions in the earth’s crust. This ensures that lab created diamonds come out looking like natural ones. 

You might wonder how lab created diamonds and natural ones differ. We will explore that in the rest of this post. But it is vital to mention that lab grown diamonds are used to make different kinds of jewelry. You can find them in diamond pendants, rings, etc.

But then, lab created diamonds aren’t the best pick for investment purposes. If you wish to buy diamonds to resell later and make profits, then you might need to consider mined ones. It will be easier to understand once you read our comparison of these types of diamonds.

Lab Grown Diamonds vs. Natural Diamonds

Comparing both types of diamonds will help you make more informed decisions. We have already looked at what lab grown diamonds are. Let’s now compare them with natural diamonds created by nature and mined from deep in the earth’s crust.

The choice is getting more challenging for people who’re not well-versed in what lab created diamonds are. However, it’s getting clearer for those who understand the similarities and differences between these two main types of diamonds. 

Well, the reality is that there’s no difference between lab grown and natural diamonds. They are created in the same environment under the same conditions. As we said, the laboratory environment mimics the conditions in the earth’s crust, where natural diamonds come from.

This means both types of diamonds have the same chemical and physical characteristics. It is, therefore, not possible to differentiate between diamond jewelry made from natural and lab created diamonds. Both types of diamonds are hard and durable enough to last for decades.

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The Top Reasons to Choose Lab Grown Diamonds

Now, we’ll get into the reasons for choosing lab created diamonds. You might wonder why you should invest in lab grown diamonds when natural ones are on the market. It will be easier to make this decision by the end of reading this section.

Here are some of these reasons.

Conflict Free

This is one of the best reasons to consider buying lab grown diamonds. Natural diamonds have a lot of issues, including conflicts with the land where they are mined. You also might have heard about the illegal employment of children in diamond mines, especially in parts of Africa.

Many people don’t want to get involved in these conflicts, directly or indirectly. If you want to avoid getting involved in the conflict, your best option will be to buy lab created diamonds. They are made in laboratories, so there will be no uncertainty about getting involved in conflict.


Lab created diamonds are better for the environment than natural ones. Mining diamonds from the earth causes much damage and isn’t good for the environment. Not everyone will be open to buying natural diamonds because of the environmental damage they cause.

The best thing about lab created diamonds is that they are eco-friendly. You won’t have an issue with the integrity of these diamonds because they’re made in the lab. The controlled environments ensure no emissions into the environment, making them safe.


Affordability is another important feature that lab grown diamonds come with. If you have tried buying natural diamonds, then one thing you have noted is that they aren’t cheap. This is why not many people own them, as they have long been associated with the wealthy.

The good news is that lab grown diamonds aren’t that expensive. They are cheaper than natural diamonds because of how cheap it is to produce them. Natural diamonds are costly because mining them from the earth’s crust is both daunting and expensive.

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Similarity to Natural Diamonds 

Many people avoid buying lab created diamonds because they think they differ from natural ones. The reality is that natural and lab created diamonds have more similarities than differences. You won’t be able to differentiate between them unless you’re an expert. 

This makes it easy to decide whether to invest in lab diamonds or not. The fact that diamond jewelry looks the same whether it’s made of natural or lab created diamonds You won’t go wrong with choosing it if you would like to buy lab created diamonds in place of natural ones.

Those are some of the major reasons to invest in lab grown diamonds. As we have seen, these two aren’t any different. All you need to do is ensure that you have diamond jewelry that best suits your needs. If you want to buy diamond jewelry, then lab created diamonds will do. 


There’s no doubt that lab grown diamonds are worth investing in today. If you were not sure they’d deliver the desired results, now you know why they are as good as natural ones. It will be vital to consider them whether you’re just buying jewelry or investing in diamonds.

You can buy lab grown diamonds for your engagement or wedding. All you need to do is ensure you settle on the best lab created diamonds. You can consider different diamond cuts, shapes, styles, etc. when choosing the best diamond jewelry for your needs.

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