Snapchat Score Booster: How to Increase Your Score Fast in 2024

We’re going to explore the new and updated method of increasing your Snapchat score fast in 2024. The previous method may have worked wonders a few years ago, but with the latest Snapchat version, it’s time to adapt and employ new Snapchat Score Booster strategies to boost your Snapchat score.

In this article, we’ll cover the three main ways to increase your Snapchat score efficiently and reveal a hidden bonus method for Snapchat Plus members. Follow this article to unlock the secrets of becoming a Snapchat score booster!

Before we delve into the methods of boosting your Snapchat score, it’s crucial to have the latest Snapchat version installed on your device. The trick we’ll demonstrate is tailored for the updated Snapchat app, and you’ll need to be on at least version or newer.

So, head to your app store, download the latest version if you haven’t already, and get ready to embark on your Snapchat score booster journey.

Understanding the Importance of Snapchat Score and How it Works

What is another word for “Score”

A “Score” was a number displayed on your profile that represented something better than what you would use as a unit of measurement for physical goods.

It was a way to measure how much you enjoyed using snapchat and how fun you are as a person. Your score would increase as you sent snaps back and forth with friends.

There were other ways besides sending snaps that contributed toward building up points.

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Why does this matter?

Well…It doesn’t actually matter at all! But if it did matter then all it would indicate is that you sit around on snapchat all day instead of doing important things like working or cleaning up after yourself.

A high score could also signify that somebody might not be very fun in real life so they try extra hard just so people will think they’re cool online.

If somebody has somehow managed to build up their snapchatscore over time then they might unlock some special filters or lenses that are exclusive only allowed by people with higher scores. This doesn’t add anything to the platform and just encourages users to waste more time.

It’s important to note that while having a high Snapchat Score can be seen as a status symbol among some users, it should not be solely focused upon or used as a measure of self-worth. The true value lies in using Snapchat as a tool for communication and sharing moments with friends.

So next time you open up Snapchat and see your score displayed proudly on your profile page, remember that it represents more than just numbers. It reflects your active participation in the platform’s vibrant community and showcases your commitment to staying connected with others through snaps and stories.

How to boost your snapchat Score

By leveraging with innovative tools, you can quickly increase it even faster so you don’t have to waste any more of your time on this app. Not only does this boost save you time by automating the process of increasing your score, but it also gives you access to other cool features too!

The days of fighting for a high score are over. The Snapchat Score Booster is here to take that stress off your shoulders. Our aim is to help you create great content and connect better with friends, not give you anxiety over your points.

If you’re curious about how to increase your Snapchat score in the latest version, look no further than My AI – your virtual assistant. If you’ve ever wondered how do I increase my Snapchat score in the latest version, all you have to do is ask. And when we did, it told us that snaps and stories are the way to go.

You can send snaps and receive them, as well as post stories. Once again: You can send snaps and receive them, as well as post stories. You get 1 point per snap sent, 1 point per snap received and even more for posting a story or sending it to everyone on your list.

But here’s a tip: Make sure your videos are at least one second long  any shorter won’t count toward your points.

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Where else can I find the feature?

The booster isn’t just there for extra points on snaps either — it’s also available for viewing stories. So try watching some more! There isn’t really a limit on how many you can see (or at least not one we know of yet), so rack up those points by getting lost in people’s posts.

When they first introduced this new update earlier this year, users were only allowed 1k views per day before their score stopped going up — but we haven’t heard anything since then.

What about if I don’t have friends?

If you just made an account or haven’t met too many people yet, don’t stress; there’s still hope! Try sending out around 100 snaps each day for two weeks straight, but remember this will be difficult if no one has added back yet because they won’t receive the snap unless they add you and most people will ignore it, too.

However, if you’ve been chatting with other users (and maybe even have a streak or two going), your score should increase on its own.

How to Boost Snapchat Score with the Booster

The booster is pretty self-explanatory: The more you post, snap and view, the higher your score. But here’s another secret that’ll give you that extra push to get to the top 100:

Be creative! Take as many photos and videos for stories as you can. They don’t have to be anything special; going “behind the scenes” of something boring can still make an interesting post.

Sharing snaps on your Snapchat Story allows other users to view them, which then increases your score when they do see it. So if you’re really looking for a high number, take photos of random things around town or shoot a video of someone drinking water. It doesn’t matter what it is  just share it!

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And what about this old trick?

Unfortunately, sending snaps to celebrities never works anymore; they won’t even see them. So instead of wasting time searching for famous people on Snapchat (even though some of their usernames aren’t well known), try adding regular users who are active online.

People want engagement just as much as we do and will likely add back if they see they’ve received a snap from us before; therefore increasing our chances at getting points from them in return. Just remember that most people will probably ignore it anyway because not everyone checks the app religiously like we do.

Is there a bonus for Plus members?

Yes! If you pay to be a Snapchat Plus member, consider yourself lucky because there’s an additional perk for those wanting more than just extra filters or face swaps.

Once again: You get 1 point per story snap sent or viewed by another user — but this feature gives us 20% more views (!). If you’re looking to get more views on your snaps and don’t mind spending the money, this might be something worth considering.

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But keep in mind…

Before downloading any third-party apps or services, make sure they’re authorized by Snapchat because we don’t want to lose our accounts. There’s always a chance that using anything unauthorized could lead to an account suspension/ban, so try sticking with official features and guidelines instead.

If you want to learn about new features or any changes that may have been made since our last update, check out Snapchat’s website for their most up-to-date information. They also have a “Support” tab where you can find answers to frequently asked questions or even chat with someone live  just in case anyone has a problem I can’t fix.

Increasing your Snapchat Score might sound complicated, but it’s actually pretty simple. All you need to do is increase your activity and engagement on the platform.

  • Send and receive snaps — every snap you open adds points to your score.
  • Snap streaks can do wonders for your score. If you haven’t yet tried starting one with a friend, now is the time.
  • Posting on your story regularly can help boost your score as well.
  • Sending text messages and making calls using the app also add to your Snapchat Score.
  • Using the Discover section of the app doesn’t directly affect your score, but it helps keep you active on the platform.
  • Expand your friends list — more people means more snaps, which means more points!
  • Turn on Snap Maps and update your location often so that friends in town can find you easily.

Finally… Just have fun with it! The Snapchat Score isn’t an accurate measure of how much fun you’re having. It’s just there to show how active you are on the app. So don’t stress too much about that number.

There you go! Now go out there and boost that Snapchat Score like a pro!

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