Snapchat Planets- Adventure Journey through Cosmic Odyssey

Snapchat’s strange and ever-evolving features are what keeps us so engaged with the app. And I mean it, it almost feels like they have a team of scientists that’s in charge of constantly making new filters for us to play around with.

Their newest feature that came out isn’t really something you’d think Snapchat would’ve been able to pull off Snapchat Planets. The feature lets you explore the solar system, as well as your friend’s’ solar systems too.

In this article, we’ll go through all the cool features Snapchat Planets has to offer.

Unveiling Snapchat Planets

With Snapchat Planets, users are able to experience a trip through space right from their own smartphone. By transforming snaps into an augmented reality (AR) journey through the cosmos, your virtual space adventures will soon be coming true!

This new addition is just one of many ways Snapchat plans on continuing to keep its users entertained. It doesn’t matter how old we get as people, if things keep getting cooler and cooler every day there’s no way we’re going to leave!

When you open up someone’s Friendship Profile and see a badge on the top that says “Best Friends” or “Friends,” and has a gold ring around it—you know they’re onto something weird again. But trust me when I say this is some next level stuff.

If someone designates you as a ‘Best Friend,’ then you’re one of eight closest friends! And if someone labels you as ‘Friend,’ then same thing applies but not for them–you just don’t hold them at such high regard.

The best part about this whole new badge system? You can tap on it and see exactly where you stand among their other friends—and believe me when I say there’s plenty more where that came from.

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What does each Snapchat Planets mean?

Snapchat Planets

Once you’ve tapped on the badge and find yourself somewhere near Space X in somebody’s list of friends, the planets will begin to make sense. Each of them corresponds to a different ranking in their Best Friends list. For example, if you’re Earth for someone’s Sun, that means you’re their third closest friend—or something like that.

Mercury: Mercury represents users you have recently started chatting with or are newly connected with on Snapchat.

Venus: Venus indicates users you have a “mutual best friend” with. In other words, you and the person you’re connected with both have a common best friend on Snapchat.

Earth: Earth represents a user who is your best friend on Snapchat. You exchange the most snaps with this person.

Mars: Mars signifies users who’ve been sent the most snaps but haven’t reciprocated in the same volume. They are essentially your “best friends,” but not vice versa.

Jupiter: Jupiter represents users who are among your top friends, but aren’t actually your best friend.

Saturn: Saturn indicates users you’ve had a streak with on Snapchat (yep!) meaning snaps back and forth for consecutive days without breaking it.

Uranus: Uranus represents users you’ve recently added as friends on Snapchat

Neptune: Neptune symbolizes users you’ve shared a mutual snap or “blacked” out a Snap to, but they haven’t returned the favor yet.

Snapchat’s planetary lenses aren’t in a specific order. Because they revamped them, it seems like the app switched to a more frequent, unpredictable schedule.

Lenses can change on the fly depending on holidays, current events or promotional campaigns. Just assume that they’ll be different since your last update.

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Breakdown of Snapchat Planets

Pick a Snap: First thing’s first, you need to choose which snap you want to turn into your spaceship photo or video.

This is what everything will revolve around when you’re navigating through space. Make sure it’s something cool because there are more filters and effects to come.

Cosmic Filters and Effects: The Snapchat Planets feature has an astral array of filters, effects and animations for you to play with.

There are planets, stars asteroids and nebulae that will all orbit around your snap while you navigate through space. It makes your snap out-of-this-world.

Navigate Space: As corny as it might sound, this feature really does make it feel like you’re traveling through space when you swipe and tap on the screen.

In reality, all those taps do is transport you somewhere else in your snap but let yourself believe in the magic for a little bit.

Share Your Adventure: Once your journey is complete, send your new cosmic creation off into someone’s messages so they can join you in space for a few moments too.

You can also add captions stickers and anything else you normally would before sending off a regular Snapchat just make sure it looks good in its space suit.

Why People Love It

Creative Collaboration: Space fascinates people because we know so little about it — if only humans could resist their urges to destroy everything (but that’s another story).

So when Snapchat added Planets to its features, people saw the immediate potential for creativity.

The idea of sharing what kind of adventure they had with their friends was enough motivation for many users who might not have even tried the feature otherwise.

Educational Value: We all know that Snapchat is primarily for goofing around and sending face swaps to our friends.

But this new feature also has some educational potential. During a time when it’s difficult to spark any interest in learning let alone in a remote classroom this can make learning about space more exciting.

Social Connection: You may not realize it, but many associate Snapchat with being a social media app because of its focus on connecting people through photos and videos.

So when users found out Planets let them share their snaps with friends, they were happy to engage in conversations about space and technology.

Digital Reality: Augmented reality has been on the rise since we all became obsessed with Pokémon Go four years ago (and still are).

What was once just a cool game has now become an integral part of our digital experiences.

And Snapchat Planets serves as another example of how AR is shaping our virtual world into something better even if it’s only for a few moments at a time.

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Snapchat Planets is finally here, and it’s time to share your cosmic adventures with your digital pals. There’s no doubt that Snapchat’s latest feature can be as fun or educational as you want it to be.

Personally I’m just excited to see what kind of other worlds AR will help us explore in the future. If you haven’t already tried out the feature yet, don’t worry because there’s no way you’ll miss it next time you open up the app.

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