How to Sign Up for TikTok without Your Mobile Number

These days mobile phone number is required to register an account with many online services. Websites and apps ask for its verification on purpose. First of all, it is done to confirm the identity of their users and reduce cases when people pretend to be someone else. This is also a good option to get rid of spammers and fraudsters of all kinds. One phone number can be used to create only one profile, which makes it more difficult for them to make a new account after getting blocked.

But it is also a serious blow to confidentiality. Sharing personal information with web platforms, whether it is the date of birth or mobile phone number, is not suitable for everyone. Some people would like to remain private online, especially when it comes to the use of services that are known for user data security issues. TikTok is one of those services. See how to buy an online phone number for verification and use it for registration on this platform in order to avoid disclosing your own number.

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What is called an online number?

Numbers of this kind have become popular relatively recently. However, demand for them is growing at a very rapid pace. This is caused by the fact that they eliminate the need to use a private mobile phone number and provide users with complete anonymity at the same time.

As their name implies, online phone numbers work online. It is even not necessary to have a mobile phone. To operate them, it is necessary to proceed to the appropriate website or app on the web that provides online numbers and then use offered solutions. This feature means that they can be used from anywhere in the world on a tablet, laptop, or personal computer.

Getting such numbers doesn’t require providing any personal data. Most often services that offer them ask users to complete simple registration, which involves providing an email address and setting up a password. Sometimes it may also be necessary to also verify provided email address, which is not critical at all, not to say that it is also allowed to provide and verify the burner mailbox for better security. Because of this, these numbers are not associated with people who use them. They don’t tell anything about their identity and cannot be used to disclose it.

Low and affordable pricing

For one reason or another, sometimes people think that online phone numbers cost a lot. Probably, such an opinion is formed by the multiple benefits that they provide, although the price is just another benefit this feature brings to the table. It is based on two factors:

  • Their country of issue;
  • The platform they are configured to work with.

Thereby, their cost may vary greatly. But it is still low compared to the cost of new SIM cards. For example, the most expensive online numbers, which usually are coming from European or small island countries, cost $2. On average though, they cost about $0.50. You can also get them even for $0.05. In this case, they probably will be issued in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, or some other country with a low cost of living.

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Signing up for TikTok with an online phone number

Doing this requires obtaining an online number that is set up to receive SMS from TikTok first. This is possible to do with multiple services available on the internet. Once done, such a number can be used right away to register an account on TikTok. An account created in this way is also often called a fake TikTok account because it provides no information about the person who uses it and is fully confidential.

You can choose a platform for getting the number on your own or follow our guide based on SMS-Man. We will use it as an example as it is one of the best choices for newcomers due to its user-friendly design, multiple supported payment methods, and a wide choice of online phone numbers for TikTok, which is the most important thing in this case. So, the steps are as follows:

  1. Proceed to
  2. Open the registration form and sign up for an account.
  3. If signed up with an email address, verify provided mailbox with the link sent to it.
  4. Log in and top up your balance.
  5. Select the country of issue for the online number on the main page.
  6. Search for TikTok on the appropriate tab down the page and click on the purchase button.
  7. Copy obtained number.
  8. Paste it on the registration form on TikTok when it becomes necessary to verify a mobile phone number.
  9. Receive a one-time verification code on the service that provided you with an online number.
  10. Sign up using this code.

The task has been accomplished. You have successfully signed up for TikTok without using your own number, so you no longer need to be concerned about your confidentiality on this platform.

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