Microsoft Outlook Fail to Open? 4 Common Reasons and Solution

Are you having problems with your Outlook, not opening emails in Microsoft Outlook? You are not alone. This problem is reported mostly by people having windows-based system. There are problems with the outlook not opening the emails in Microsoft outlook. The reasons behind this could be various. Let us try and find out what the problem is.

Outdated Version

The first reason is that you have not installed the latest version of the Microsoft outlook client software. The outlook isn’t opening emails in Microsoft outlook might be because you are still using the previous version.

The latest version of this application is not so easy to install. It requires installation from the Microsoft web site. The website provides the installer and all the required tools required to successfully install the new version.

Microsoft Outlook Corrupted

The second reason as to why Microsoft outlook not open email in the Microsoft outlook web application can be found when the mailbox associated with Microsoft is corrupted. If there is any mistake in setting up the email account like removing an existing email account, adding a new one or replacing the default theme colors, then this could create an error in the Outlook when it tries to open the email. In such scenario the error would show as ‘Cannot open email in Microsoft outlook‘. The cause of this error is either corrupt or missing mailbox.

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Unauthorized person trying to access

The third reason as to why Microsoft outlook error messages. keep popping up could be that you are not an authorized employee in their company or not, that are directly dealing with the company.

In such situation the error might come up pertaining to unauthorized person trying to access your account. There are several steps that you need to follow to fix this problem. You should either call Microsoft support service or look for the contact customer care of the company over the phone.

Error code

The Fourth reason as to why the Microsoft outlook stops opening email in Microsoft outlook is because of the error code. the Error code is basically an indicator of a problem somewhere in the system. This reason why Microsoft outlook shows error code is because of non-use of some feature like offline folder, shared folders, etc.

If you try to open any email in Microsoft outlook and the message displays error code then you need to troubleshoot that error immediately so that it does not damage your important data. There are lots of repair tools available over the internet which can be used to troubleshoot different types of errors.

Modification to the operating system

The Fifth reason as to why Microsoft outlook stops opening email in Microsoft outlook is because of the recent modification to the operating system. The latest version of windows is Windows Vista, which has lots of new features and if your computer does not have the latest version of windows, then chances are that it might be having a slow boot up time.

If you try to boot your computer in the latest version of windows and get the error code, then you should upgrade your current windows version. If you do not want to upgrade your current operating system, then you should try to remove all unwanted programs from your computer so that your computer gets the latest version of windows.

All these steps are meant to repair your computer and if none of these tips help you then you should seek the help of professional computer experts who will be able to help you get rid of this problem.

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Accumulation of temporary files

The Sixth reason as to why your Microsoft outlook email fails to open is due to the accumulation of some temporary files in your computer. It is possible that even if you clean your computer from all unwanted files and programs, but there are chances that some of these files might still remain in your computer.

When these temporary files get accumulated, they can affect the performance of your computer and can even prevent your email application from opening completely. If you want your email application to open efficiently then you should remove all the files from your computer that are causing slow performance. You should make sure that you remove all the temporary files that are causing your computer to slow down.

Corrupted cache

The Seventh reason why Microsoft outlook stops opening is because of the corrupted settings in your computer. When you use Microsoft outlook then it saves all the important information in your computer in the default folders and then it stores it in the cache. When you attempt to access any particular item stored in the cache, the software fails to open successfully as the cache may be corrupted or damaged. You should repair the cache immediately so that your computer can work properly.

Troubleshooting steps

Here are some troubleshooting steps you can try to resolve the problem:

  1. Restart your computer: Sometimes, a simple restart can resolve software glitches and allow Outlook to open normally.

  2. Run Outlook in Safe Mode: Safe Mode starts Outlook with minimal features and can help determine if an add-in or extension is causing the problem

  3. Repair Microsoft Office: You can use the built-in repair feature to fix any issues with your Office installation.

  4. Disable add-ins: Add-ins can sometimes conflict with Outlook and prevent it from opening. Disable any recently installed or suspicious add-ins. In Outlook, go to File > Options > Add-ins and disable any add-ins that are enabled. Restart Outlook and check if it opens without any issues.

  5. Repair the Outlook data file: The Outlook data file (.pst or .ost) could be damaged, causing issues with opening Outlook.

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In conclusion, if you are encountering issues with Microsoft Outlook not opening emails, there are several potential reasons to consider. It could be due to using an outdated version of the Outlook client software or a corrupted mailbox associated with Microsoft. Unauthorized access attempts, or error codes within the system can also prevent email opening. Modifications to the operating system or accumulation of temporary files on your computer may affect Outlook’s performance. Additionally, corrupted cache settings can lead to difficulties in opening emails.

To resolve these problems, you can take various steps such as installing the latest version of Outlook, contacting Microsoft support or customer care, troubleshooting error codes, upgrading the operating system, removing unwanted programs, and clearing temporary files. Repairing the cache is crucial to ensure proper functioning. If these troubleshooting measures do not resolve the issue, seeking assistance from professional computer experts is recommended.

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