What Are the Latest Technologies for Web Application Development?

There are numerous web application development frameworks out there in the market. It can be a bit of a struggle to select the right framework the meets your requirements appropriately. If you’re wondering which technology to select for your web development, then here’s a piece of advice for you. Select the framework that matches your company’s goals and can be maintained easily and conveniently for up to 5 years. This article offers a list of the latest technologies for web application development. So, stay tuned till the end of this article.

How to Choose the Right Web App Development Framework?

You should choose a web app development framework that has the following characteristics:

  • Industry-specific and easily adaptive
  • Popular with a huge developers’ community support
  • Meets all your organization’s goals
  • High-on-demand in the market

Leading Web Application Development Frameworks in 2021

Web Application Development


Angular was been developed by Google after the poor performance of AngularJS, in 2016. Angular uses TypeScript as its primary programming language. Some of the key features of Angular include two-way data binding, dirty checking, and more. If you’re looking for robust innovation, you can choose Angular for web app development.

Key Features

  • User-friendly client-side framework with the steep learning curve.
  • Ensures security with advanced features like DOM sanitation.
  • Enables developers to build various kinds of apps for Web, Mobile Web, Native Mobile, Native Desktop, etc.
  • Supported by Google and a huge community of developers.

When Should You Opt for Angular Development?

You should go for Angular development if

  • You are backed by a team of developers who have vast backend experience.
  • You are planning to build a complex, yet a less interactive app.
  • You’re looking for a framework that can be used on different platforms.

When Should You Not?

You should not choose Angular if

  • Your developers do not have adequate experience in handling backend activities and development frameworks.
  • You need to quickly finish your project and speed is an important metric.


Client-side JavaScript frameworks are becoming extremely popular these days. The React.js framework has gained huge popularity as a JavaScript-based client-side framework because of its core features. They include:

Key Features

  • js uses the View layer for the user interface. You can even use it for end-to-end web app development.
  • The framework can help you build apps for various types of UIs, including Mobile, Web, Desktop, and Smart TV.
  • It provides excellent server-side rendering with outstanding SEO support.
  • The features of React.js are being tested with billions of Facebook users to meet the industry trends.
  • It comes with features like unidirectional data binding and declarative programming.

When Should You Opt for React.js Development?

You can choose React.js for web application development if

  • Your development team has hands-on experience in JavaScript.
  • You want to build a highly interactive application.
  • You can use the technology for various platforms.

When Should You Not?

It is recommended not to choose the React.js framework if

  • Your development team lacks experience with JavaScript.
  • You need to complete your project faster.
  • You want to develop an application that requires less interaction.


Evan You created Vue.js in 2014. The framework combines the features of both AngularJS as View Layer and React.js as Virtual DOM. It has become one of the extremely popular web application development frameworks supported by a strong community of developers.

Key Features

  • js supports the functionality of end-to-end web app development just like Angular. It also provides support for data flow from external sources and state management.
  • The framework provides comprehensive documentation with JavaScript-based development
  • js is ideal for Progressive Web App (PWA) development.
  • It offers bidirectional data binding using Virtual Document Object Model (DOM) and Event Sourcing capabilities like Angular.

When Should You Opt for Vue.js Development?

You should invest in Vue.js development if

  • You want to create progressive web apps.
  • Your focus on SEO and performance.
  • You need faster web app development.

When Should You Not?

You should not choose Vue.js if you need the same web app development framework for various platforms.

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Another one on this list of latest technologies for web application development is Spring, created in 2002. Since then, the framework has evolved to become one of the premier choices for Java-based frameworks. When implementing a Java platform for cloud computing, Spring proves to be a reliable framework to fulfill this need.

Key Features

  • This enterprise-level framework comes with a server-side rendering feature.
  • It offers features like Annotation and Dependency Injection.
  • The innovative framework facilitates cloud-native development, batch processing, event-driven web app development.
  • It is exclusively designed for large, complex application development.
  • The Spring web framework offers everything required for web application development, including high-end security, cloud deployment, and various data sources.

When Should You Opt for Spring Development?

You can switch to Spring web development if

  • You’re building an enterprise software solution and the desired language to be used is JVM.
  • You want to develop large-scale, CPU-intensive enterprise software.

When Should You Not?

Spring is not a suitable option if

  • You want to build a basic and simple web application
  • You are using serverless computing


Laravel is a PHP-based, server-side framework developed in 2011 by Taylor Otwell. This open-source framework supports the MVC architecture and depends largely on Ruby on Rails. It focuses on the developers’ experience during the web application development process.

Key Features

  • As it is an MVC-based framework, it offers faster web app development.
  • It offers features like ORM, Middleware, session management, and more.
  • It is simple and easy to use and enables a faster development process.
  • It is one of the high-performing web development frameworks.

When Should You Opt for Laravel Development?

Laravel is a perfect choice if

  • You need enterprise-grade, complex web applications.
  • You need to build robust and scalable web applications.

When Should You Not?

The Laravel framework is not a suitable option if

  • You want to build a simple and basic web application.
  • You want to work in a serverless ecosystem.
  • Your developers do not have experience in PHP.

Final Thought

This list of the latest technologies for web application development is not limited to the above-mentioned frameworks. However, these are the top-performing web app development frameworks that you can use in 2021.

Ultimately, the decision to choose from various frameworks depends on your organization’s requirements and the expertise of your development team. If you’re interested in knowing more about these web development frameworks, you may approach a professional Chicago web design and development agency and it will help you select the right one for your project.

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