Points to be Consider Before Buying Villas

Villas are independent, spacious and gives the occupants opportunity to showcase the aesthetic sense. Before investing into properties like the ones at the Arrive Apartments Seattle WA 98121, it is essential to take care of some basic details. The reputation and credibility of the builder in the banking sector is essential. This is to ensure easier availability of bank loans.

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The location of the gated community villa project ideally should be near to the international airport, the market area, hospitals, schools and corporate offices. The Villa project near to the outer ring road is highly recommended. The security inside and outside the Villa project is very important.

The security service should include CCTV, round the clock watchmen service, fire alarms facility, 24 hour electrical back up support, also special care for the children and elderly, as it is important as well. Solar fencing is a modern concept which can be installed in upscale Villa projects.

The legal documents required to check are:

  • Title Deeds
  • Tax receipts and bills
  • Land measurement documents
  • Sale Deed
  • Building plan
  • Approved layout plan
  • Ownership document
  • ULC act certificate
  • No objection certificate or (NOC) from water and electricity department
  • No objection certificate or (NOC) from the tax department etc.
  • Civic services such as electrical fittings and water works, garbage cleaning, construction quality, doors and windows, flooring, bathrooms, painting of the walls and interiors etc. are things to be considered before buying a villa in a gated community.
  • The next big thing to consider before buying a villa in a gated community is the clubhouse facility. The residents should enjoy the facilities office swimming pool, gym, food court/cafeteria, community hall, meditation hall, library, indoor and outdoor games to relax and socialize with other families.
  • The children’s park and the central park is required for nature lovers and health-conscious people. The buyer should know the exact carpet area and the total area, how much is the cost for the amenities facility, homeland procession charges, home insurance cost.
  • The villa project should be well-planned, well designed, keeping quality and aesthetic sense in mind and at an affordable price.
  • The review of the buyers, if any, is helpful to help in good decision making. A common platform where buyers and the builder would interact, will facilitate in better decision making after knowing the exact details what the builder is going to provide in its project.

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Some other interior things to consider also, such as

  • Modular switches for safety and antibacterial properties
  • Adequate lights fan points fridge TV easy points as well as plug points
  • 24 hour DG backup in case of power failure
  • Well insulated electrical lines, Earthing
  • Computer, TV, Internet, landline, telephone points
  • Concealed wires
  • Minimum thousand liter water capacity and overhead tanks
  • Reservoir with reserve osmosis facility
  • Concealed pipe
  • Sewage treatment plant
  • Regular water and tank cleaning service
  • Doors and windows polished teak wood
  • Mesh doors and window frames for insects
  • pest control facility
  • Flooring
  • Tiles in floors Anti-skid tiles in the bathrooms
  • Anti-skid granite for the painting of walls in the staircase
  • Waterproof paint for outside walls
  • Waterproof paint for internal walls and ceiling
  • Bathrooms
  • Good quality tiles for the sidewalks of the bathroom
  • Good quality sanitary and washbasin
  • Proper plumbing work
  • Geyser and hot and cold water taps in all the bathrooms
  • Water outlet points

Other accessories:

  • Proper fire extinguishing system
  • Light points in the garden area
  • Landscaping in the garden area and common area
  • Greenery all over the project
  • Sitting arrangement in the parks
  • Open area for guest vehicles
  • Garbage cleaning and premises cleaning facility Washrooms for security personnel near the main gate
  • So if a person is interested to buy a villa in a gated community in a city like Hyderabad, so one must consider theses points before investing in real estate, and make an informed and wise decision so that the dream home is enjoyed by the family.

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