Hashtags for Instagram Reels: Boosting Your Visibility and Engagement

Instagram Reels, quite the rage these days. This popular feature allows you to share engaging videos on your platform. But did you know that adding hashtags for Instagram reels can help you maximize its reach and engagement?

In this blog post, we’ll tell you why it’s important to use hashtags for Instagram Reels and give you some effective hashtag strategies.

Why Use Hashtags for Instagram Reels?

Hashtags are one of the most effective ways for creators to get their content seen on Instagram. By leveraging these trending tags, you can increase your engagement, visibility, and even go viral if luck is on your side. Just remember to keep everything relevant and authentic!

When you use popular hashtags in your Reels, it can lead to an increase in views, likes, comments, and followers. When you join popular conversations or participate in trending challenges, your content has a higher chance of being featured on the explore page or appearing in the “Top” section of a hashtag’s feed.

Hashtags are like fuel in a car engine. It makes everything run smoothly on Instagram.

Here’s how Hashtags for Instagram Reels can help you,

Increase Discoverability

By incorporating relevant hashtags into your Reels, you’re making more people see them. People who are looking for content similar to yours but haven’t followed you yet will now be able to find your posts easier thanks to these hashtags.

Targeted Reach

Aside from broadening your scope of followers, using hashtags also helps in finding the audience that is genuinely interested in what you have to offer.

Trend Participation

If there’s a trend or challenge on social media, chances are there’s a hashtag associated with it too. Find out what it is and add it to your reel’s caption so people know that you’re joining the conversation as well.

Engagement Boost

The more eyes that see something, the more likes and comments it gets. That’s just simple math! By exposing yourself through this strategic approach of using hashtags, the results should show in no time!

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The Top Hashtags to Use for Maximum Exposure

Here are some top-performing hashtags that might be helpful if used correctly.

#InstaReel: This hashtag targets specifically Instagram Reels. So if someone wants only those types of posts under their explore tab then this would be perfect.

#Reels: Almost similar to #InstaReel but more general. By using this one instead of #InstaReel or both at once broken down into different categories, you increase the chances of your content being seen.

#Trending: This one is pretty straightforward. Find out what’s trending right now and use it!

#Viral: By using this hashtag, you’re saying that your post has the potential to go viral. And people are naturally attracted to popular stuff so this should help.

#ExplorePage: Instagram’s Explore page is a great place to showcase your content to an audience who doesn’t follow you yet. Use #ExplorePage hoping they will consider featuring you there.

#ForYou: Also inspired by TikTok, this one targets Instagrams algorithm suggesting your Reels to people who might be interested in them.

#Funny: We all have different senses of humor. So if you make lighthearted or comedic Reels then make sure you include #Funny in their captions.

#Tutorial: Lastly, tutorials are widely appreciated. If your Reels provide instructional or educational knowledge then don’t just throw it away by not including this hashtag!

#Dance: Dancing is a huge thing on Instagram Reels. But it doesn’t just show itself to people who don’t want to see it. Including the #Dance tag connects your posts with all the other dancers out there.

#Challenge: Doing challenges is a great way to get the algorithm’s attention. It shows that you’re part of the community. Use the #Challenge hashtag to join in and up your chances of getting more followers.

The Top 10 Trending Hashtags for Instagram Reels

#TrendingNow: This one means what it says! You’ll stay up-to-date with all the latest trends by using this tag, and people might even watch your version!

#InstaReel: The name says it all. If you put this hashtag on your video, it’ll be seen on Instagram’s vast Explore page.

#ExplorePage: Want to get featured on Instagram’s Explore Page? This is how you do it! Basically, putting this tag at the end will help you reach new audiences.

#ViralVideo: The word “viral” pretty much sums up everything we’re doing here right? So put this tag on there if you want something  popular!

#BehindTheScenes: People love knowing what goes into making content special. Show them what happens before and after you hit record with this hashtag.

#TutorialTime: Give some knowledge back! Step-by-step tutorials are in high demand these days, so make sure to use this tag if you have something valuable to teach.

#DuetWithMe: Collaboration is key! Using this trending hashtag will encourage other creators to engage with your stuff too.

#ProductReview: If you sell anything, or occasionally review things yourself, put this at the end of every post from now on. It’ll makes sure potential customers find their way onto your page.

#FunnyMoments: This one just wants everyone to have a good laugh. And I’m sure you can make that happen! #FunnyMoments also has a lot of traffic, so it’ll be helpful in expanding your reach.

#ThrowbackThursday: Every Thursday, people love seeing stuff they forgot about. It’s the perfect day to share old memories and join this weekly trend.

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Best practices for Maximum Exposure of Instagram Reels

Hashtag Selection

To maximize visibility on your Reels, choose your hashtags wisely. Start by researching relevant hashtags that are related to the topics you cover on your profile.

Once you have those narrowed down, try to strike a balance between popular tags and more specific ones so that you can rank high in both sections of the hashtag feed.

There are plenty of tools out there like Instagram search feature and third-party apps that can help you find these statistics about individual hashtags.

Create Your Own Hashtags

Creating your own branded hashtag is an effective way to foster engagement within your community and increase visibility for your Reels.

If you have a unique tag associated with your brand or another type of challenge, encourage your followers to use it whenever they create their own content related to it.

This will extend your reach even further and also keep user-generated content flowing.

Monitor Engagement

Take time every now and then to review how well the hashtags perform on each one of your reels.

Check out the engagement rate from users who discover them through different tags often times this feedback provides insight into how well the content resonates with different audiences.

Comments, likes, shares provide valuable feedback too!

Jump on board with Challenges

Lots of challenges on Instagram Reels spread like wildfire. By joining these challenges and using their specific hashtags, you can get more eyes on your content and increase the likelihood that it will go viral.

Choose a variety of Hashtags

Make sure there’s a mix of popular, moderately popular, and niche-specific hashtags in your Reels.

Popular tags help you reach a larger audience while niche-specific ones aim for a more engaged community that shares similar interests. Combining both will maximize how many people see your content.

Inventiveness is Key

To go viral, you’ll have to create content that stands out from the crowd. Put your brain to work thinking of novel ideas for your Reels that’ll captivate viewers.

This might mean telling a story, utilizing humor or special effects, or even showcasing some unusual talent you have. A unique Reel has a higher chance of being shared which leads to more visibility.

Engaging Topics

Always be aware of current topics or events happening around the world or within your industry as they’re taking place. Implementing these trendy subjects into your reels and using relevant hashtags can catch the eye of users who are also following those trends, snowballing attention towards yourself.

Keep an Eye on Analytics

Track how well each individual reel does by looking at performance metrics and engagement analytics.

See which ones generate the most likes, views, comments & shares then examine what commonality they share when it comes to hashtags.

Use this information to fine tune future strategies in order optimize them for going viral.

Interact with Your Community

Responding directly to comments made about our Reels or even beginning conversations with users that engage can effectively build a loyal and engaged community around your content.

This will increase the chances of people sharing your reels with their own followers.

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Points to Remember when using Hashtags for Instagram Reels

Even the best hashtag strategies won’t guarantee viral success. It’s a combination of quality, creativity, and timing that’ll bump up your chances.

Utilize hashtags strategically to give yourself the best chance at going viral, but keep in mind that it’s only one piece of the puzzle.

Be Specific: Choose hashtags that are as specific as possible to the content of your Reels. The reason is simple: specific hashtags will attract people who are genuinely interested in that particular topic, leading to higher engagement and more targeted reach.

Experiment and Analyze: Don’t be afraid to mix and match different combinations of hashtags. Then, monitor how your Reels perform with those hashtags. After that, analyze and make note of which ones generate the most views, likes, comments and shares.

Don’t Use Irrelevant Hashtags: Never use irrelevant hashtags. We say this because it can lead to a negative user experience and might result in your content being flagged as spam.

Don’t Overuse Hashtags: Even though Instagram allows up to 30 hashtags per post, avoid using all thirty in your Reels. A cluttered caption filled with them may appear spammy and ruin the viewing experience for others. Aim for 5-10 relevant ones instead.

Don’t Use Banned or Inappropriate Hashtags: Make sure you know what has been banned or what’s inappropriate before adding any. If you fail to do so, your Reels might never show up on search results or even worse get deleted.

Don’t Rely Solely on Popular Hashtags: Balancing popular ones with more specific and niche-specific tags will target a far more engaged audience than just doing one or the other alone.

Engage Alongside Your Hashtags: Using them doesn’t mean you’re done; engage more! Respond to comments from viewers, like other users’ content, share their posts too if they pique your interest, then actively participate in conversations. Doing so will eventually build a community around your Reels encouraging others to engage even more.

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Final note

Using strategic hashtags when publishing new reels can help expand reach of target audience’s eyes onto the video and optimize chances for discovery via trending topics.

Keep up to date with the newest trends and the most used tags in the Reels section. Observe what hashtags are currently trending and relevant to your niche or category of content. Incorporate these tags into your Reels to fall in step with trending conversations and increase your chances of being seen.

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