Ford Pet Mode – A Safety Technology for Your Furry Friends

The race for automakers to come up with new safety tech is fierier than ever. Companies are coming up with all sorts of tech in order to improve their vehicles’ safety as it is an important selling point. Ford is looking to add its Pet Mode to its list of safety features in the future. This is a system that’ll keep your pets safe and comfy while they’re in the car.

Note that it isn’t the only special mode for pets in cars. In fact, Tesla came up with their Dog Mode just three years ago, which has inspired other automakers to do the same. Ford is also focusing on the potential comfort application of such a system and this is evident from their patent that was released at the start of this year. 

Possible features of Ford Pet Mode

The Pet Mode from Ford is to be operated by the Ford App or even the key fob of the vehicle. This is so that the driver can make adjustments to the in-cabin environment of the car without being in it. The following are some of the features that we can expect: 

Window operation

Lowering or raising the windows can make changes to the in-cabin temperature. This is why this feature is likely to exist in the Pet Mode. The driver will be able to change the window position from a remote system if they feel that their pet needs it. 

Temperature changes

Like the super popular Tesla Dog Mode, a proper climate control system can keep your pet safe and sound. If it is summer, the system will maintain a colder temperature using the aircon. If it is winter, it should vary the heat based on the coldness outside. 

In this way, the pet(s) will be safe from the dangers of the weather outside. We all know how deadly a heatstroke can be, and it is even worse when your pet animal is stuck in the car and fastened to a seat. 

Similarly, the winters can get very cold in many regions. This is why it is imperative that you have some sort of heating system on, in your vehicle. The Pet Mode will also fix this problem for you. 

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Door operation

Automatic doors are all the hype today despite manual door operation not being an arduous task. Consumers just love the luxury aspect of the concept; aka doors being automatically opened for them. 

This mode does the same but when your pets need it. If you feel like the pet needs to exit the vehicle for whatever reason, you will be able to simply use the app to unlock one or more doors and open them to let the animal out. 

Seat adjustments 

Even today, powered seat adjustability is a decently luxurious feature. If it is remote-controlled, it is even better. With the Pet Mode, you’ll be able to make changes to the arrangements of the seats that your pet is on. 

This will make their environment comfier. Your pet will be able to relax better as there will be a greater amount of room for it. 

Entertainment variation

It is a known fact that music can change the mood of a pet and Ford understands this. This is why the company will add an entertainment variation option in their pet mode. Using this, you’ll be able to put on tunes for your furry friend(s) for some grooving. 

Furthermore, you can also mute the audio system for the pet in question. This is in case that the animal gets troubled while hearing musical sounds.

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What vehicles have a pet mode?

This depends on which brand you’re talking about. If we are discussing Ford here, the first cars to receive this feature will be the Ford Lightning pickup and the Ford Mustang Mach E. But what about the existing vehicles with this system then? 

Well, Tesla cars are the obvious answer to this since they’ve had this idea since 2019. But the Dog Mode from the world’s most valuable automaker seems to be a lot simpler than what Ford is planning to offer to its consumers. 

Apart from these two brands, there aren’t any pet modes available on the cars of today. However, there are a number of vehicles that are very pet-friendly with their spaciousness, comfort, and versatility.  

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