Decathlon launches new brand for dance

Continuing with its objective of promoting the practice of sport, through each and every one of its different disciplines, through the commercialization of garments and specialized material at highly competitive prices, the Decathlon chain has launched “Starever“. A new brand specialized in the practice of dance; under whose umbrella the chain of sports establishments will now offer specific material for the different main forms of dance.

The new Starever collections will thus contain a series of different articles specially designed for dancing, aimed at dancers and both professional and amateur dancers, as well as boys and girls from 3 years old. A very wide public, at whose disposal the chain has already begun to put the first articles of this new brand.

Some pieces designed, stand out from Decathlon, by dancers for dancers, as part of a creative process that has resulted in a set of garments and products adapted to the needs of lovers of this practice, both sporting and artistic, led by a team made up of dance professionals.

“Decathlon has wanted to link with professionals for the creation of this project from the first moment,” remarks the chain of sports establishments through a statement. That is why, they add, that “the international teams that are part” of its development, “are experienced practitioners of the different dance disciplines.” Some expert voices, who have thus participated in a prominent way in some work teams, to which “up to 150 ambassadors” have also remained linked from among those who usually “collaborate in the co-creation of products”.

With proposals aimed at 4 dance modalities and Decathlon’s first unisex collection

Going into the main characteristics of this new brand specialized in dance, in terms of its materiality, for the making of the garments of the different collections of this new Starever brand from Decathlon, the use of materials of natural origin such as organic cotton. A bet with which, defended from the sports chain, Decathlon tries to highlight its willingness to contribute to reducing the environmental impact of its business model, betting for this on new technologies and more sustainable materials.

Meanwhile, in terms of design, the new brand aims to satisfy the needs of male and female dancers, linked especially to what the chain has considered to be the 4 main disciplines of dance. End for which it will launch specialized collections for classical dance, contemporary dance, urban dance and pole dance.

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In relation to each of them, for classical dance, the “most traditional and the basis for all other disciplines”, “a textile line has been created that fits perfectly to the dancer’s body to allow total freedom of movement. movement while visualizing posture”; “an offer without seams, elastic and breathable without losing aesthetics”.

While for the practice of contemporary dance, “a discipline that is characterized by work in different spatial planes and by breaking forms and barriers on the lines of classical dance”, “Starever has created a collection of fluid textiles made up of materials breathable, soft, that dry quickly and provide comfort during practice”. Resulting in a proposal divided into two aspects, with “an offer more adjusted to the body”,

Completing these first two categories, the brand also has that line specialized in urban dance, under whose umbrella they fall “from classic hip-hop or break dance, to the most current trends such as reggaeton, trap or dancehall”, and for which “a light and resistant, comfortable and stylish textile offer that allows exploring the body through movement” has been designed. Collection that is also known for being Decathlon’s first unisex collection.

And finally, completing the commercial offer of this new Starever, we find the collections designed for the practice of “pole dance”, a discipline “on the rise that is getting more and more followers”, underline from Decathlon. For this “exercise that works the whole body involving aerobic and anaerobic gymnastics, dance and body expression”, and “where the adherence of the body to the bar is essential”, the chain proposes a set of technical garments, since “the fabric must be very elastic, close to the body, be easy to evacuate sweat and allow the body to adhere to the bar”.

In addition, they must be visually beautiful and flattering, all aspects that have been taken care of in detail for this series of Starever pole dance outfits.

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With the launch of this new brand, Decathlon finally manages to take “one more step” in its mission to “make sports practice accessible to all with innovative, unique materials, made by the most acclaimed professionals in the sector and responding, increasingly , to current trends”, remark from the chain of sports establishments.

On this occasion, with the creation and launch of a Starever, with which the chain tries to respond to the needs of those who practice a dance, which “in addition to a sport, is an art, a community”.

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