The Benefits of Pre-Employment and Criminal Background Checks

It’s no secret that a good pre-employment and criminal background checks can help reduce risks and liabilities during the hiring process. In addition, it also strengthens and preserves trust between employer and employee.

Reduce risks and liability

The risks and liability associated with hiring new employees can be substantial. A bad hire can damage the company’s reputation, negatively affect the team’s morale, and contribute to business losses. If you are considering hiring a new employee, there are several ways to minimize the risk.

First, conduct a thorough background check. It includes checking the applicant’s criminal record. Using a computerized database of papers or obtaining information from the National Crime Information Center may be sufficient. However, some laws require employers to do a more comprehensive search.

Also, consider checking the candidate’s credit history. Specific jobs require a prospective employee to be free of financial crimes, such as theft. Getting this information can help you avoid adding to your company’s civil and criminal liabilities.

The EEOC has also issued its guidance about conducting a pre-employment background check. According to the agency, this is the best way to minimize the risk of negligent hiring.

While many employers have adopted this practice, there are still many pitfalls to watch out for. For example, instant background checks can miss violent criminal records. It is important to remember that a person’s criminal record does not necessarily mean they will be a lousy employee.

Another good idea is to have consistent procedures. It can prevent discrimination claims. It would be best if you also offered a challenging opportunity for anyone who has an objection to the report.

Lastly, you should consider performing a sex offender registry check. Sex-related charges, such as sexual assault or domestic violence, can be disqualifying. These cases should be investigated regularly.

Choosing the best approach for your company depends on various factors, including job type, local laws, and specific business needs. In the end, the most prudent solution is to make a well-thought-out decision based on the information you have gathered.

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Strengthen and preserve trust

Pre-employment and criminal background check can strengthen and preserve trust in your business. These investigations may include searching federal, state, and county records and other sources. The screening may also include drug testing and employment verification, depending on your industry.

For example, an insurance company would need to perform a thorough legal analysis to determine whether an applicant has committed felonies involving dishonesty. Similarly, a bank or credit union would need to identify many felonies involving breach of trust.

Some institutions, such as schools and colleges, are subject to specific criminal history inquiries. 3 in 5 college applicants are screened out of consideration for positions with the university.

In addition to criminal and educational histories, some pre-employment and criminal background checks include a driving record check. This investigation provides a report of a candidate’s driving history, including information on motor vehicle violations.

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) offers guidance on preventing discrimination in employment background screening. It recommends organizations assess candidates in the same manner as other employees.

A criminal history may have a long-lasting impact on a person’s capacity to reintegrate into society. In addition to felony convictions, a background check might reveal pending charges, dismissed charges, and status as a domestic or global watchlist.

Several laws and regulations mandate that institutions ask about a candidate’s criminal history on the initial employment application. However, this requirement may be vague. As a result, it’s crucial to determine the needs of local, state, and federal law before searching.

Criminal background checks must be postponed in the application process in several states.”Ban the Box” legislation in Philadelphia forbids employers from automatically excluding candidates with certain criminal records. Depending on the law’s wording, an institution may be exempt from the requirement.

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Lower the chances of making a bad hire

The best way to lower the chances of making a bad hire is to perform pre-employment and criminal background checks. These two types of screening are a must for employers of all sizes, as they can help you make smart hiring decisions and reduce the likelihood of hiring problematic people.

In addition to helping you make better hiring decisions, a comprehensive background search can help you avoid hiring unfavorable candidates and prevent potential liabilities and theft. This screening can also save you time and money and improve your company’s morale.

It is essential to do your research when choosing a background check service. Make sure you get one that is certified by the federal government. Some services aren’t and could leave you open to legal liability.

In addition to criminal records, you should also consider performing credit checks on prospective hires. Consider a more in-depth credit analysis if hiring someone to manage money or handle sensitive information.

A good background check should also include an education check. A reputable background check provider can search all relevant databases and generate a clear report that’s easy to read and understand.

Your background screening is not guaranteed to prevent your employees from misbehaving. However, it can be an excellent first step to take.

For starters, a credit check is only sometimes necessary. Depending on the position, you might need more thorough assessments, such as a fingerprint background check.

Also, a pre-employment background check will show if the person you’re interviewing has a criminal history. It will alert you to possible liabilities, including violent or reckless behavior.

Lastly, a background check can reveal other pertinent information that will increase your confidence in the hiring process. For example, a pre-employment background check can include reviewing a candidate’s public social media accounts.

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