Connecting Classrooms: Simplifying the Web Classplus Login Process

What is Classplus

Classplus is a B2B ed-tech startup company to help to create their own app to creation, distribution, and monetization for educators and content creators. In this app we can manage sessions, consultations, interviews and much more.

Classplus targeted teachers and Indian parents at the world level. Teachers can make their classes ad post o their own app add students can watch them. This information can access by both teachers and students. They can interact each other by live chat.

App storage is allocated in cloud based servers to access from anywhere and fast. More than 1 Lakh coaching institutes in India are created and started their business through their own apps built with Classplus.

Classplus is not only for coaching centers or teacher, anyone can register and post their own videos and sell them.

Mukul Rustagi from IIT Roorkee is the Founder and CEO of Classplus. Classplus marks his second venture in the education technology.

Features of Classplus

  1. Create Your own coaching app
  2. Create online courses
  3. Video selling
  4. Cloud based storage
  5. Safe and secure payments
  6. Data security

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How to Create your own coaching app

Own App creation is the tough, time taking and expensive in the real world. But you can create your own coaching app in just few minutes using Classplus. Here is a step-by-step guide to help you create own app.

Open your browser and open website:

You can see the following options on home page to start creation.

Are you ready? Take the first step here

  • I run a coaching center

  • I am a YouTuber

  • I teach in a school

  • I am a student

Select I run a coaching center, and the it asks your mobile number ad email address. You have to enter a valid number and mail. They will send password through mobile and email.

How to Login Classplus

  • After successful registration you will get your password.

  • Then you can go to Classplus login page:

  • Here you enter either your mail id or mobile number.

  • Then you enter Your password.

  • Here you can make your app and post your videos.

How to Create Online Course

After login to your dashboard you can see the menu having website, courses, batches, test portal, Your app, landing pages, sessions, chats and analytics.

If you wat to create a course, click on Courses in the menu and click on Add New Coourse

Here you have to enter Course Name

Enter Course description

Upload Thumbnail which describe your course to show in app

Select suitable category and sub category to find your course easily

Select course duration time (After this date course will expire)

  • Single validity

  • Multiple validity

  • Lifetime validity

  • Course Expire date

Set your course price

Then check al details and click on update course details

Your course have created then you need to add content

You can add

  • Video

  • Online test

  • Subjective test

  • Document

  • Image

  • Zip file

  • import content

  • import live

You can also add live classes

And you can post announcements on notice board

You can also publish your books

After all these click on publish course

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How to Login Classplus Web

First you have to open

  • Then you enter organization code.
  • If you don’t know organization code, go app and click on 3 lines at top left corner
  • At the bottom of your profile photo you can find org code
  • Then enter your mobile number
  • Then you enter to your dashboard
  • Where you can find batches, Time table, Reports, payments, Chat and store.