Top 10 Boxing Shoes Brands: Delivering the Perfect Footwork


In boxing, footwork is everything. Agility, speed, balance they all come from having a solid pair of Boxing shoes on your feet. In the same way that gloves are essential to every fighter, so are their shoes.

It’s the difference between optimized performance and a mediocre experience in the ring. Oh right, and did we mention support and comfort?

Here are 10 boxing shoe brands that have received attention for their innovation, quality, and ability to meet demands for fighters at any level.


Everlast is a household name in the sport of boxing. They’re one of those brands that you can trust to deliver high-quality products on a consistent basis.

On top of being insanely durable (which is exactly what you want from anything named Everlast) their shoes offer excellent ankle support.

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We don’t need to tell you about Nike – it’s everywhere! And naturally, they have moved into the world of boxing as well.

The thing about Nike’s line up though is that these shoes aren’t just functional…they look amazing too! Even with their lightweight design and impressive traction, you’ll still be able to walk around town with them after practice or a fight.


Another name brand…shocking, we know! But seriously – Adidas does not mess around when it comes to athletic gear…and that includes footwear too!.

Some people like to feel like they’re floating around in the ring rather than feeling weighed down by clunky boots…and if you fall into that camp then maybe check out Adidas’ shoe collection.


Reebok knows combat sports…plain and simple. They’ve been in this space long enough to identify what boxers want in products such as shoes. Grip?.

Check. Cushioning? Check again. Reebok has taken the necessary steps from round one until today with making sure they’re delivering quality gear for all athletes.

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Ringside shoes are made by boxers for boxers. Everything about this product is designed with the sport’s demands in mind.

The shoe will fit you perfectly, it will support your ankles and have a grip that feels like you’re velcroed to the canvas. That’s what they’re going for in their design.

Title Boxing:

Title Boxing gloves are notorious…and so are their shoes! They’ve used all of their technologies to create stability, traction and ventilation features in them…so even though boxing is already an intense workout, your feet at least won’t be miserable while you put them through it!

Cleto Reyes:

When most people hear Cleto Reyes they think of their premium boxing equipment – which is well-deserved! But when we say don’t sleep on their shoes…we mean it.

These bad boys are handcrafted using high-quality materials. And if any other brand were bragging like that you’d probably roll your eyes…but not here!

Cleto Reyes has built a reputation around being one of the best sporting goods companies on the market.

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Lonsdale put a major emphasis on style when designing these shoes…while still making them functional of course!.

Support, traction and flexibility were prioritized here so that while these look great on you’ll also be able to execute with precision.

Rival Boxing:

The Rival Boxing footwear line is quickly becoming one of those things where if you know…you know type deals.

As they (and we) gain attention from fighters at any level – from beginner to champion – more people seem to be understanding why this company deserves recognition.


This rising star in combat sports has really hit it out of the park with these boxing shoes.

Seriously, just take one look at the design and I’m sure you’ll be as impressed as us. But looks aren’t everything right?

Well lucky for us (and anyone who wants to give them a try) they’ve nailed the comfort and performance aspects too.

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Bottom line

When it comes to boxing shoes, choosing the best pair is a crucial decision for any boxer. These shoes can make all the difference when it comes to optimizing footwork, performance, and overall comfort in the ring.

The brands that make up this list have consistently proven that they are some of the best on the market by creating high-quality products that are designed specifically with boxers in mind.

Whether you go with Everlast, Nike, Adidas, or one of the other seven brands featured here, you can be sure that your investment will not be wasted.

Investing in a reliable pair of boxing shoes will take your boxing game to new levels and help you reach your goals inside the square circle.

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