Is Online Gaming Really Worth It?

Whether you are a console gamer or a PC gamer, the debate is separate that which of the two should you be going for since both of them have their own perks and their drawbacks. However, one question that one might ask themselves is whether or not one should opt for online gaming on either platform. 

If you do intend on gaming online (which is a great decision to take) then you need to make sure that you have a great internet connection that can cater to your gaming needs by reducing latency. Such an example is Xfinity, so be sure to keep an eye out on Xfinity internet plans so that you could get its brilliant internet service at a price that would be easy on your budget. Back to gaming, here are some ways not just online gaming, but gaming is good for you:

Online Gaming gives you a Shot at Socialization

Playing online games gives not just adults but also kids a shot at socializing with the people they play with. Online games give you the option to talk to the people you play with, you can either talk via chat or you could even talk to them via voice chat as well.

This is helpful even for shy kids since it helps them communicate with people and these children don’t have a problem interacting with other people in person as well. You just need to pick out your favorite multiplayer game and you need to look for people who would be interested in playing with you. 

You may even find teams that play online for games such as Tekken 7 ,which even has global tournaments. Some other games that promote the idea of friendships through online gaming include Call of Duty, Minecraft, Rocket League, Fortnite, and GTA 5. Some people even make use of their mobile phones to play battle royale games such as PUBG Mobile

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Improve your Brain and Muscle Coordination

Games also help improve your reflexes and improve your hand-eye coordination as well. This is because your brain becomes trained enough for you to react as fast as possible. There are games such as Marvel’s Spider-Man and Kingdom Hearts 2 that give you quick time events (referred to as reaction commands in Kingdom Hearts 2) which make sure that you press a button right when it is needed. Not only is this useful in video games but it is also useful in real life as it helps with your reflexes by making them as fast as they possibly can be. 

This can commonly be seen in console gaming and Quick Time Events were made popular when the PlayStation 2 came out. So if you really want to improve your hand-eye coordination, then video games are a brilliant way to go about it. 

Video Games Generally Improve Thinking Skills

Video games can also help children think more critically. There are games that make the player decide or make choices and the story alters according to that. These games include Life is Strange, Until Dawn, and even inFAMOUS Second Son. In this way, video games make it easier to make decisions in a shorter time span and make children feel more confident about themselves. Video games also positively affect other thinking skills such as being more aware of the environment, solving problems more effectively, paying more attention to details, and so on. 

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An Improved Attention Span and Greater Concentration

You may have noticed that while gaming is usually done for fun, it actually takes a lot of concentration. Even for games such as Tekken and Mortal Kombat, you need to observe the way your opponent moves so that you could figure out a strategy to defeat them.

Not just for fighting but also for other games as well that also require strategy. In this way, you can see that concentration is an important element when it comes to gaming and gaming generally improves your focus. Even games such as Call of Duty improve focus and concentration since it requires spot-on aim, especially if you have a habit of using a sniper rifle. 

Online Gaming and Emotional Management

Not only is online gaming great for social interactions and reflexes but gaming also helps with emotional management, especially in children. If your child is anxious or has trouble managing their anger, then gaming can help with that as well. Gaming can teach your child patience and deal with frustration once they develop a sense of achievement after beating a game or even a boss fight. Games also help children to calm themselves after they’ve had an anger episode or so on. 

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Wrapping Up

While many people view gaming as a waste of time, there are also a lot of positive aspects to not just gaming but online gaming too. If you feel like your child needs greater reflexes, better decision-making power, and more control over their emotions, then you should probably encourage them to play video games too!

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