Exploring Instagram’s Top 10 New Features in 2023

Instagram, the beloved social hub for Brazilians, continued its tradition of innovation in 2023, rolling out a slew of new features designed to captivate and engage users. From enhancing Reels production to fostering unique ways to share content among friends, the platform’s evolution has been palpable. Let’s delve into the top 10 advancements that reshaped the Instagram experience this year.

Meta Verified

Marking a significant milestone, the introduction of Meta Verified in Brazil brought forth a subscription-based service offering verification badges for Instagram and Facebook subscribers. Accompanied by priority support and exclusive content, this premium service comes at a cost of $55 per month.

Group Stories

Facilitating seamless tagging within Stories, Instagram now allows the creation of user groups. Mentioning this group once highlights all associated accounts, simplifying interactions across multiple posts.

Music on the Carousel

Expanding on the music feature, Instagram dismantled restrictions, enabling users to add soundtracks to carousel publications, enriching the storytelling experience.

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Integration with Threads

Threads, Instagram’s companion platform, emerged as a noteworthy addition, offering extended character limits for posts and curated highlights in the Feed. Accessible through Instagram credentials, it has become a rival to other social networks.

Sticker Creator in Stories

The Stories editor received a boost with a native sticker creation tool, leveraging device-saved photos. Automating background removal, this feature simplifies sticker generation for future use.

More Powerful Notes

Building upon the notes feature introduced last year, Instagram fortified this tool by integrating quick videos and music, reminiscent of the beloved MSN Messenger subnick, enhancing direct messaging experiences.

Download Reels through the App

Streamlining user experiences, Instagram introduced a native function allowing hassle-free downloading of Reels, eliminating the need for third-party websites.

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Close Friends in Feed and Reels

Expanding the exclusivity of Close Friends beyond Stories, users can now share Feed or Reels content exclusively with select groups, enhancing segmentation without resorting to secondary profiles.

Up to Five Links in Bio

Addressing a persistent issue, Instagram now permits up to five distinct links in bios, eliminating the need for external aggregators. This flexibility allows users to showcase various contacts, social networks, or professional pages seamlessly.

Broadcast Channels

A game-changer in fostering interaction, Broadcast Channels enable creators to initiate one-way conversations, allowing followers to react solely through emojis or participate in polls. This feature substantially boosts engagement and connectivity between content creators and their audience.

Instagram’s continual innovation and commitment to user engagement have undoubtedly transformed the social media landscape, providing a diverse array of tools to empower users in crafting compelling content and fostering meaningful connections.

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Instagram’s relentless pursuit of innovation in 2023 has significantly elevated the user experience, offering a plethora of features to amplify creativity and interaction within the platform’s vibrant community.

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