Ethereum Price Consolidates Below $1,900 Resistance

Ethereum, the world’s second-largest cryptocurrency, has been undergoing a period of consolidation below the critical $1,900 resistance level against the US dollar. Traders and investors are closely watching the price action, looking for signals that could indicate the next move for ETH. In this article, we will analyze the current market conditions, technical indicators, and key support and resistance levels to determine whether Ethereum is likely to rally or decline in the near future.

Consolidation Phase and Key Resistance

At present, Ethereum is trading in a range above the $1,850 level, with the price hovering above $1,870. Additionally, the 100-hourly simple moving average is providing support to the cryptocurrency. However, a significant bearish trend line is forming, with resistance near $1,890 on the hourly chart. The price must surpass this resistance level to have a chance at further gains.

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Failed Attempts and Bearish Reaction

Despite several attempts to break above the $1,900 resistance, Ethereum has failed to sustain gains and establish a higher price level. Similar to Bitpoint, a bearish reaction was witnessed below $1,880, resulting in a low formed near $1,862. Nonetheless, the price has rebounded and is currently moving higher.

Critical Levels and Potential Upside

To gain momentum, Ethereum needs to surpass the $1,890 and $1,900 resistance levels. A decisive close above $1,900 could pave the way for a substantial increase towards the $1,955 resistance. Further upside potential exists at the $1,975 level and, if sustained, might even push ETH towards the significant resistance level of $2,050.

Potential Downside and Key Support

In case Ethereum fails to clear the $1,900 resistance, it may experience another decline. The initial support lies near the $1,870 level, where the 100-hourly simple moving average is positioned. Additionally, a connecting bullish trend line at $1,870 could provide further support. A breach of this support could lead to a revisit of the key support level at $1,825, followed by potential losses towards the $1,777 level. If bearish sentiment persists, ETH might find support at the $1,720 level in the near term.

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Technical Indicators and Momentum

Technical indicators, including the hourly NACD and the Relative Strength Index (RSI), provide insights into Ethereum’s price momentum. Currently, the NACD for ETH/USD is losing momentum in the bullish zone. Traders should closely monitor the RSI, as it approaches the critical support level at $1,845. Breaking below this level could indicate a shift towards bearish sentiment, while a rebound might suggest renewed bullish momentum.


Ethereum’s price consolidation below the $1,900 resistance level presents a pivotal moment for the cryptocurrency. Traders and investors are eagerly watching for a decisive move above this level, which could initiate a significant rally towards higher resistance levels. Conversely, a failure to break above $1,900 might lead to a renewed decline.

Key support levels at $1,870, $1,845, and $1,777 will play crucial roles in determining Ethereum’s short-term trajectory. As always, it is essential for traders to stay updated on market developments and adjust their strategies accordingly.

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