How to Connect A Custom Domain to Google Sites in a Simple Steps

Google Sites is a free website builder offered by Google that allows users to create websites without the need for any technical skills or knowledge of web development. But Using a custom domain is a smart investment for anyone looking to establish a strong online presence Here we are going to explain how to connect your Google Sites to a custom domain.

Create a Free Google Site

  1. First of all you have to create a free google site from
  2. This is very simple, open the website and click on Blank.
  3. Enter Your Domain name and Page name, and then click on Publish button.
  4. Then a pop up shows, where you enter your free domain name.
  5. It will create like.

How to Connect Custom Domain to Your Google Site

  1. Before doing this, you need to buy a domain with GoDaddy, Hostinger, Namecheap, HostGator, or else.
  2. Then open your Google Sites then click on the settings icon at the top right position.
  3. Now on the left side, click on custom domains.
  4. Now click on start setup.
  5. Select the first option, Use a domain from a third party, then click on next.
  6. Now enter your domain name.
  7. You can see this domain is not verified, Please verify your ownership.
  8. So click on verify option to verify your ownership.
  9. Then a Google Webmaster page will be opened and you can see “This tool is going away. Manage your verification tokens directly in the search console.”

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Verify Ownership Using Search Console

  1. Click on directly in the search console to verify your ownership.
  2. One important thing, make sure you have login with the same Gmail account in your Google Search Console and your Google Sites.
  3. Now on the left side, click on add property, drag down and click on add property option.
  4. Now enter your domain name.
  5. Click on continue.
  6. Verify domain ownership by DNS records.
  7. You can see Instructions GoDaddy.
  8. Change it to any DNS provider.
  9. Now you have two records, TXT or CNAME.
  10. Select CNAME records.
  11. Now you have to add a CNAME record in your Domain DNS records.
  12. So open your Domain Service Provider account page.
  13. Now click on DNS and open DNS records.
  14. Now you have to add a CNAME record here.
  15. Copy the first CNAME record from Search Console.
  16. Now open your DNS record page.
  17. Then click on add a new record in the type section, select CNAME in the name column, paste the first address.
  18. Now copy the second destination address.
  19. Paste it in the value section.
  20. In the TTL, select half an hour, then click on save.
  21. You can see the message successfully added.
  22. Now go to search console.
  23. Click on verify, ownership verified successfully.
  24. Then click on done.

Verify Ownership Using Google Sites

  1. Refresh your Google sites.
  2. Again, go to settings option.
  3. Click on custom domain -> Start setup -> Use a domain from a third party -> next.
  4. Now enter your domain name.
  5. And you can see the blue tick owner verification error has been removed.
  6. Now click on next.
  7. Now you have to add another CNAME record, as details given here.
  8. Now open the DNS page.
  9. Click to add a new record.
  10. In the type section, select CNAME in the name section, enter www
  11. Now copy the second address from Google sites.
  12. And paste it on the value column.
  13. The TTL, select half an hour and click on save.
  14. So as you can see, this is my CNAME record added successfully.
  15. Now go back to Google sites and click on done.
  16. And you can see your domain name has been added successfully.
  17. Open your website and you will see This site can’t be reached.
  18. You have to wait for around a one hour.
  19. After that your domain name is live.

key features of using Google Sites

Google Sites offers a simple and user-friendly interface that makes it easy to create a website. It provides a simple drag-and-drop interface that allows users to create a website quickly and easily.

Some key features of Google Sites include:

  1. Drag-and-drop interface: Users can easily add and arrange content on their website by dragging and dropping elements like text boxes, images, and videos.

  2. Integration with other Google services: Google Sites seamlessly integrates with other Google services like Google Drive, Google Docs, and Google Sheets.

  3. Mobile-responsive design: Websites created on Google Sites are automatically optimized for mobile devices, ensuring that they look great on any screen size.

  4. Security and reliability: Google Sites is hosted on Google’s secure and reliable servers, ensuring that websites are always available and protected from cyber threats.

  5. Simple website creation: Google Sites makes it easy to create a website, even if you have no technical knowledge.

  6. Collaboration: Google Sites allows multiple users to collaborate on a single website, making it ideal for teams working on projects or organizations that need to manage a website together.

  7. Free hosting: Google Sites provides free hosting, so you don’t need to worry about finding a hosting provider.

Overall, Google Sites is a great option for those looking to create a simple website quickly and easily, without the need for technical skills or knowledge of web development. It’s particularly useful for collaborative projects or organizations that need to manage a website together.

However, Google Sites may not be the best choice for more complex or advanced websites that require more advanced customization or features.

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