What Place In Your Content Strategy?

Allowing journalists to be informed, and to disseminate key information concerning your company in the media and on news platforms, the press release is an important tool for all brands. Admittedly, it is probably less essential to marketing strategy than it used to be. Due in particular to the development of social networks and other tools that allow direct communication with the public, In this case, you can take help from the professional wikipedia writers for the creation of Wikipedia Page to retain their usefulness and efficiency to gain traffic and notoriety!

Impactful releases that bring more content to life

There was a long time ago when the press release was limited to a small publication of a few contextual paragraphs describing the event or the information to be highlighted, sometimes embellished with a few quotes from the manager or employees of the company. But fortunately, this basic structure has lost its relevance. Indeed, the digital format has considerably extended the field of possibilities, opening the way to much more creativity:

  1. photos
  2. infographics
  3. videos
  4. drawings
  5. tableaux
  6. dynamic content
  7. etc..

This additional content makes press releases more attractive, impactful, and effective. And therefore, to improve their performance with the targeted journalists, by better capturing their attention. Indeed, like all Internet users, journalists today are overwhelmed by messages and stimuli of all kinds. To be guaranteed to be seen and above all to be read, it is now necessary to put the package on the visuals. It is a must. With the key, thanks to your efforts: a welcome increase in the rate of engagement of readers, and the probability of recovery in the media.

The production of this other content also has a second benefit for the company. By enriching the resources available to marketing teams, who can use them to enhance:

  1. blog posts
  2. landing pages
  3. emails
  4. social media posts

Consequently, the cost of producing press releases is amortized. Since the allocated budget will feed a whole host of other communication operations.

Due to the time-consuming nature of writing press releases, choosing the right keywords, and creating additional visual content, it will be interesting to call on expert writers in SEO. An editorial agency specializing in writing and producing content can support you in this task.

In the condition that they are not used for SEO purposes only.

Nevertheless, it is significant to know that in terms of SEO the press release is not a miracle explanation. And that it rarely ultimately improves the ranking on the results pages of social networks (except in the case of backlinks). The reason is unassuming: it is not a permanent publication. Being linked to a specific event and a specific date, this type of content has, in a way, an “expiration date”.

Certainly, the press release will indeed come (temporarily) to support the SEO efforts that your company deploys during its marketing strategy because it contains the keywords and the name of your company or brand. At least, during the first weeks following its publication, and provided it has received sufficient media coverage. But this boost only lasts for a while, and its impact on your site’s SEO ends up becoming negligible when the deadline in question is exceeded.

That’s why it’s best not to misuse releases for SEO and SEO purposes alone. Better to focus on much more important points. Like presenting the company in its best light, or even refining the strategic keywords on which your company wishes to position itself.

In the absence of SEO, the improvement in the visibility of the company is real

The more a press release is read, especially by journalists who are experts in your industry, the more likely it is to be picked up by the media or publications that matter in your field of activity. And the more your company is mentioned on sites with strong notoriety, and whose audience will generally be larger than your site.

s therefore not a communication channel to hide or underestimate in your marketing strategy. Quite the contrary! Moreover, to increase the reach of their press releases, some companies do not hesitate to use tools that allow messages to be duplicated on thousands of sites. In the hope of promoting their recovery through this mass publication. This is not necessarily a recommended technique. On the one hand, it is harmful to your SEO to have so much content copied and pasted on the web, with the keywords associated with your business name. On the other hand, the press releases that work best are generally those that are sent out at the right time, and to the most appropriate people. Often, a banal emailing campaign to a selection of journalists who know your sector will have much more impact…

For this, it is important to simplify life and facilitate the work of the journalists in question. By including in the press release all the information they need, about your company and the promoted event. They need to have all the data required to write an article about your activities. Even if it means providing additional information in appendices or via links inserted in the publication.

An opportunity to also improve your net linking strategy

If the publication of a press release does not improve SEO as such, the media coverage caused can however have an indirect beneficial effect on SEO, by promoting the creation of inbound links, i.e., by redirecting media readers who picked up your ad to your website. This is even the other great advantage of this format, beyond the gain in notoriety and visibility with the public.

And this, for the following reason: search engines use (among other things) incoming links to determine the level of interest of Internet users for a site. The more the sites that use your press releases are reputable on the engines, as is usually the case with press sites that have excellent scores, the more it is to your site’s advantage to receive backlinks in association with the publication of your press releases.

In SEO, this is called domain authority, the statistic that is used to measure the authority and trustworthiness of a website. Your ability to get an article in a publication that is reputable by the search engines, and which is otherwise deemed reliable and relevant by the general public or the public targeted by your company, is in itself a success and a very good victory for your image. brand.

The only pitfall: is the difficulty of measuring performance

Nevertheless, the main challenge posed by press releases is the difficulty in measuring their performance. Your marketing strategy needs data to know what works, and what doesn’t, and above all to measure the return on investment of your publications. In the case of press releases, this is a problem because there are few elements allowing us to have a precise idea of ​​successes or failures.

No indicator can tell you with certainty how many journalists have read your press release. At best, you can know the number of publications that talk about your company, after the publication of the press release, by scrutinizing the mentions in the digital or print press. This lets you know how many times a press release has been reposted or generated an article. It’s already that, but it does not indicate the success rate.

One of the few performance measurement tools available is adding tracking codes to the links dragged into your release. If the links have been taken as-is, codes included, then you will be able to quantify the number of leads or customers generated by a press release.

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