What is the Scope of Post-Graduation in Mass Communication?

Do you pretend to be an anchor in front of a mirror? Or are you obsessed with brands and their advertising campaigns? Then, you must enter the realm of mass communication. Be it television, films, or social media, a PG in Mass communication can provide you with a pathway into the media and entertainment industry.

The course allows you to gain deep knowledge of news media, digital media and corporate media. It also enables you to work with the latest technologies in the media industry. But, before you register for a PG in Mass communication, evaluating career opportunities is an essential task.

To help you, here are some popular career paths you can take up after completing a course in Mass communication.

Film & Television

In recent years, there has been a massive increase in the consumption of motion cinema due to a rise in OTT platforms. So, if you have a knack for directing or producing films, documentaries or TV shows, mass communication is the right degree for you.

You can take up filmmaking, scriptwriting, and editing roles according to your strengths and interests. Building a good portfolio is necessary to bag the best jobs in this sector.


It includes collecting, organising and delivering authentic, unbiased news to the general public. This is another core career path with multiple roles that young aspirants can apply for in their formative years.

You can work for print, radio or television in the news industry. Some of the roles it offers are News anchor, Editor, Reporter, Photojournalist, etc.

Public Relations

It is the practice of informing the masses about the activities of an individual or an organisation. PR professionals need to analyse the organisation, find its positives and translate them into impressive stories for the public.

A PG in Mass Communication allows PR aspirants to learn the art of storytelling and apply them in their work. With more and more organisations being cautious of their brand image, the demand for PR professionals is on the rise. This increases your chance of landing a job at a reputed firm in the near future.

Event Management

In this, you have to plan and organise promotional, business and social events. Generally, these events are crucial segments of film, brand or company’s marketing campaigns. Event managers ensure the target audience is engaged and the event’s message is communicated correctly.


Publishing can be a promising career opportunity if you love literature and literary works. Your responsibilities may include promoting an author’s work, drafting press releases and acting as a liaison between the author and media outlets.

In Conclusion

The media and entertainment industry is growing aggressively all over the country. Thus, investing time and money for a PG in Mass communication can open new avenues for you in your chosen field.

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