How to Choose Electric Bike Tires

Are you a book rider? Want to know how to choose psi for bike tires? Well, it completely depends on the pound of the bike.

E-bikes have become very popular and are used by many people in today’s world. E-bike is mostly popular in professional bikers and young teenagers who likes to show-off in front of their school and college. E-bikes are also considered by people because of their tires as their tires are very eye-catchy and good in grip. 

One of the most essential parts of an e-bike are the wheels. The wheels are responsible for the force you put on the pedals, the brakes you use, the road imperfections you encounter, and the changes in direction you make while riding. Many aspects of your bike are impacted by your wheels. Hence, the condition of your wheels affects how safe and comfortable you feel when riding. 

Read this article to learn about the various styles and dimensions of Electronic bike wheels and how these variations can affect your choice of wheel if you plan to ride an E-bike and know a little about the wheels.

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Choosing Electric Bike Tires

Size and Width

The size and width of the tires on an electric bike are among the most crucial things to take into account. The width and tire size of your bicycle should be compatible. This information is printed on the sidewall of your current tires. Make sure the tire size corresponds to the wheel size of your e-bike, which can be 26 inches, 27.5 inches or 29 inches. The grip and width, which is also significant by the tire’s offers less resistance and is better suited for higher speeds, while a wider tire offers more stability and traction. 

Walk Pattern

The quality of your ride is also significantly influenced by the tread pattern on the tires of your electric bike. Over a variety of surfaces, tread patterns are created to offer traction and grip. For improved traction, consider tires with deeper treads if you intend to ride your e-bike with shallower treads will offer greater rolling resistance and higher speeds if you want to ride on dry, level terrain. 


When you choose an electric bike tire, consider the durability. A tire with high-quality requires less maintenance and will last longer. For everything you want to buy, you should always check its durability. High-quality tires and other resilient materials will provide stronger defense against punctures and cuts then less durable tires. 

Tubeless or Tubed Tires

When you think of purchasing e-bike tires, you have to consider what type of a tire you want tubed or tubeless tire. Tubeless tires are better because they are more durable than traditional tubed tires. They have higher traction, are lighter and are less likely to puncture. They need a different setup, though, and may also need a sealer to stop air leaks. While tubed tires are heavier and more prone to punctures, they are easier to maintain and replace. 

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Style of Riding the Bike

When choosing electric bike tires, your riding style also is a big consideration and an important factor to consider. For just roaming around the city or for work purpose, you can choose tires with better comfort and grip. Or if you want to choose a bike for mountaineering, then you should prefer narrower profile and shallower treads which will give higher speeds and better maneuverability. 

So, is it clear to you? Let’s now know what to choose between thin or fat tires.

Should you Choose Thin or Fat Tires?

Depending on the type, e-bikes typically have thin or fat tires. It is preferable to get fat tires if you want to ride frequently on unpaved or difficult terrain. On the other hand, thin tires are ideal for smooth roads rather than bumpy ones.


Well, choosing an e-bike also depends on the type of rider you are. So, if you want to experience a safe and enjoyable travel experience, then it is very necessary to choose right electric bike tires. Consider all these points given above before purchasing an E-bike tire. 

We hope you will get help from this article in choosing the right e-bike tire. If you are looking for best quality tires, then you can buy it from Hey Bike who is the reputed and branded manufacturer of Bike tires. 

Frequently Asked Question’s

You can buy branded and high-quality tires from Hey Bike which is a great manufacturer of every type of tires for your electric bike. You can call us for more and ask what type of a tire you need and even advise you what type of tire you should purchase. 
Yes. Tire Pressure is very significant for not only electric bikes but for every type of bike to maintain that grip, to help prevents flats, and to provide better handling and control. 
Puncture Protection is very helpful for electric bikes because they are heavier and very expensive than traditional bike tires. You have to look for features like a thick rubber layer to help prevent punctures. 
The size of your electric bike completely depends on the wheel size of your bike. You can take guidance from the manufacturer as which size tire you should buy for your electric bike. 
It depends on the terrain you plan to ride on. A semi-slick tread pattern will be needed if you will be riding on paved road or smooth surfaces, whereas if you choose to ride on rougher terrain, then a more aggressive tread pattern is needed to provide better traction and control. 


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