WhatsApp’s New Security Feature: Block Spam Messages Directly from Lock Screen

In recent times, online scam cases have seen a significant rise. Unsolicited spam calls and messages are flooding in from unknown individuals, leaving many users feeling vulnerable. Scammers are taking advantage of unsuspecting victims, leading to incidents where people have lost significant amounts of money.

WhatsApp has become a primary platform for scammers to perpetrate fraud. Despite the privacy features in place, users are still falling victim to scams. To address this issue, WhatsApp has introduced new protection layers. Among these is a new feature that allows users to block spam messages or suspicious contacts directly from the lock screen.

Have you enabled this setting on your phone? WhatsApp now allows users to block contacts that send phishing attacks, Ponzi schemes, or other suspicious messages directly from notifications. By utilizing this new WhatsApp feature, users can simply tap on the reply button next to the notification, and there will be an option to block. Make sure to enable this setting in your phone’s settings to see notifications on the lock screen. This way, you can easily block contacts directly from the lock screen without even opening WhatsApp.

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WhatsApp Block Spam

Additionally, there’s an option to report and block within the app. WhatsApp already has a block and report option, but why another feature? Well, until now, WhatsApp only provided warnings for spam messages coming from unknown numbers in notifications. However, to block these contacts, users had to open the chat. So, sometimes users accidentally end up unblocking spam messages.

Contact blocking via message open may soon become outdated. With this new feature, users who receive notifications can now directly block spam contacts from the lock screen or notification shade. Blocking suspicious accounts helps users stay safe. WhatsApp allows users to completely block accounts that have been flagged with red flags by violating guidelines and terms.

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WhatsApp’s new feature is a step forward in combating spam and ensuring user safety. By empowering users to block spam messages directly from the lock screen, WhatsApp is providing a more seamless and secure messaging experience. So, make sure to enable these features on your WhatsApp to stay protected from scams and fraudulent activities.