Best Payroll Software Providers for Your Business: 6 Top Options

Deciding to incorporate payroll software in your business is like a cool breeze. However, looking for the best payroll software providers for your business is all that matters. If you’re scratching your head about managing employee payments and taxes, worry not.

We’ve got the lowdown on the top payroll software providers that’ll make your life easier. Say goodbye to those confusing spreadsheets and hello to streamline payroll processes that even beginners can master.

Get ready to discover the 6 best payroll software providers for your business.

6 Best Payroll Software Providers For Your Business


Looking for a “jack of all trades” payroll software, then OnPay is what you are going to choose. Due to excellent user experience and providing all services together, OnPay has gained so much popularity. Let’s dive deeper into what OnPay has for you.

Suitable For

Whether you are a startup, entrepreneur, non-profit organization, or a local shop, OnPay can do wonders for you. Hence, OnPay assists small businesses to boom!


  • Automates payroll process by calculating wages, tax, deductions.
  • Manages federal, state, and local tax filings to ensure compliance.
  • Provides a portal for employees to access tax forms.
  • Offers options for direct deposit or check printing.
  • Includes onboarding, employee records management, and document storage.
  • Helps manage employee benefits like health insurance and retirement plans.
  • Monitors employee hours and integrates with payroll.
  • Assists with worker’s compensation insurance.
  • Generates various reports for insights into payroll and HR data.
  • Integrates with accounting software like QuickBooks and Xero for seamless financial management.

Pros & Cons

OnPay is an easy employee and contractor payroll with vivid pricing. Furthermore, think of having HR and benefits along with all these facilities at the same time.

Sounds good? Hence, OnPay is ruling at the top among the list of 6 best payroll software providers for your business.

However, you won’t be able to get any free trial here, and OnPay doesn’t provide you with a customizable plan, which is a point to consider as well.

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While using any payroll software, it’s obvious that your key consideration is to automate the whole process. Here comes the Gusto, which uncover the solutions for small businesses that other software can’t.

Hence, it convinces small business owners with their skills and efficiency.

Suitable For

Being a startup owner, you want to minimize administrative hiring and focus more on resource building for business, Gusto is all that you need.


  • Gusto simplifies payroll for employees and contractors.
  • It offers health care, financial wellness, and retirement benefits.
  • Employees can make automated charitable donations.
  • The Wallet app gives employees control over finances.
  • Gusto ensures automatic tax filing and compliance.
  • It provides free checking, savings, and paycheck advances.
  • The platform streamlines both employee and contractor payroll.

Pros & Cons

Its easy automation and integration encourage people to vote for it; at the same time, its inability to pay outside the US and no invoice generation creates confusion in deciding.

However, as a thumb rule of selection is to choose by comparing it with your goals, and thus it aligns with the goals of many businesses. Hence, Gusto managed to get a position among the 6 best payroll software providers.


Suitable For

Are you a company of 50 employees and want to get a customized payroll for your pay stub and other tasks? ADP RUN is there to assist you.

Confused about company size? Don’t worry, in case your company size expands, ADP RUN can adapt to it by upgrading.


  • ADP RUN is a trusted payroll provider with scalable plans.
  • Features include direct deposit payroll, self-service employee platform, and new hire onboarding.
  • Optional benefits administration and tax form filing services are available.
  • ADP RUN offers advanced HR tools like employee handbooks and training programs.
  • It provides easy employee payroll processing with automatic tax filing and reporting.
  • Customizable plans and add-ons for marketing and legal assistance are offered.

Pros & Cons

On one side, it’s easy customization and automation mesmerize users, yet on the other side, its added cost for independent contractors and tax filing has made them a bit confused about it.

However, as its pros are beyond its cons, it managed to occupy a space among the 6 best payroll software providers for your business.

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Suitable For

Do you avoid complex processes and want to incorporate simplicity yet modernity in your business? Excellent choice for those who want a hustle free documentation experience, particularly small businesses, and startups.


  • Reliable pay stub generation options
  • Online check stub maker for easy printing
  • User-friendly interface
  • Document review capabilities
  • Ability to create W-2 forms
  • Ability to create 1099 forms
  • Utilization of updated information for document creation

Pros & Cons

It helps you create payment records and slips easily with its user-friendly online check stub maker. While it’s perfect for simple payroll needs, it might not be the best choice for larger companies with more complex requirements.


Suitable For

Are you in need of hiring international employees? Are you experiencing a lot of turnovers? Justworks is the most suitable option for you to go with. Yet, make sure to incorporate this in small businesses to let it show its excellence.


  • Justworks is a PEO (Professional Employer Organization) that supports remote teams.
  • It acts as the employer for your employees, managing HR and payroll for you.
  • Justworks assumes legal liability, reducing your responsibilities.
  • It handles all HR and payroll tasks, eliminating the need for in-house HR.
  • The platform offers an easy-to-use employee self-service interface.
  • The PEO model reduces your liability and can be cost-effective as your team grows.

Pros & Cons

As it eases your responsibilities and creates a soothing experience for users, Justworks is gaining popularity day by day. However, as it minimizes your control over HR policies and costs much compared to other software, you should be smart enough in your choices.


Suitable For

Want to grow your business and looking for an ideal payroll software that can work for businesses of all sizes? Then, Paycor is what you are searching for.

Businesses of any size (small. Medium, large) can benefit from it, yet we recommend it most for medium and large businesses because of its convenience with HR needs.


  • Paycor is a complete HR platform for businesses.
  • It provides an employee portal and mobile app for easy access to payment record, documents, and more.
  • You can add benefits administration for employee self-service.
  • Paycor simplifies employee payroll.
  • It offers comprehensive HR tools, including recruitment and performance reviews.

Pros & Cons

With its user-friendly payroll and ability to offer comprehensive tools, Paycor managed to hold a position among the 6 best payroll software providers for your business.

On the contrary, its cost is considered a bit high compared to other competitors, and the employee portal interface is also questioned. Hence, pick up between these software options after thorough analysis.

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Wrapping Up

After going through the in-depth analysis of 6 best payroll software providers for your business, it’s clear that a wise decision while choosing it can take your business to heights. But remember a wise saying “Haste makes waste” so, don’t be impulsive while choosing between these.

Take your time to identify which software aligns more with your objective and assist you in fulfilling your dream. Don’t get confused while looking at cons. Keep in mind that every software has its shortcomings, and they won’t bother you at all if you pick up the most relatable one. Good Luck!

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