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We are a Google news approved platform that explores the world of education and technology. We welcome educators, tech enthusiasts, and thought leaders from all over the world to share their knowledge with our audience.

Why Write for Us?

At Tech Spur Blog., we believe that networking is key in any growing industry. By writing for us, not only will you have an opportunity to provide valuable information to our readership made up of students, teachers, parents and techies alike; but they also get a chance to get to know you through your work.

What Are We Looking For?

Tech Spur Blog mainly covers topics such as education, technology and everything in between. Here are some must-haves when it comes to your submissions:

EdTech Insights: Talk about new trends and developments in educational technology

Teaching Strategies: Share teaching methods or tips that have actually worked for you personally

Educational Apps & Tools: Review or suggest educational apps/websites/software

Online Learning: Discuss the good and bad of learning online

STEM Education: Talk about programs offering Science, Technology, Engineering or Math fields of study

Educational Gaming: Discuss gamification in education. Also recommend games!

Student Perspectives: We want real student stories!

Submission Guidelines:

Before submitting your article please ensure it meets these guidelines:

Content Quality: Your article should be well-researched while staying informative yet engaging. Avoid copying someone else’s work. We don’t accept AI Content Strictly.

Word Count: Minimum 800 words – Long enough to give detailed info on topic.

Images/Sound/Video Files!: Media can help explain certain concepts much better than text ever could!

Citations: References are important if mentioning data obtained elsewhere.

Author Bio: Provide a brief author bio at the end of your article which includes your name, credentials and a link to social media profiles.

Editing: Our editors might make small changes to your submission. But don’t worry we’ll make sure your voice shines through no matter what.

How to Submit:

If you think that your article is a great fit for Tech Spur Blog, please email it as either a Word document or Google Docs link to Don’t forget the brief introduction and author bio when you send it off!.

After submitting your content, our editorial team will examine and assess it. Should it meet our standards, we’ll contact you about the publication process.

We look forward to seeing what you send in as we continue to explore and understand the ever-changing worlds of education and technology together.

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